Treatment of allergy in Germany

Treatment of allergy in Germany

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Allergy is reaction of a pathological immune response that develops after the penetration of certain chemical compounds into the body. It can arise due to anything: pollen of plants, food products (honey, strawberries, and nuts), dust, medicines. The allergy places the patient in a place of extreme discomfort. It can also pose as...

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Allergy is reaction of a pathological immune response that develops after the penetration of certain chemical compounds into the body. It can arise due to anything: pollen of plants, food products (honey, strawberries, and nuts), dust, medicines. The allergy places the patient in a place of extreme discomfort. It can also pose as a threat to the life of the patient. When large doses of allergens enter the body, anaphylactic shock can develop. In some cases, there is swelling of the lungs or the brain, which leads to a lethal outcome.


  1. Diagnostics of allergy in Germany
  2. Benefits of allergy treatment in Germany
  3. What hospitals treat allergy?
  4. Choice of the hospital for the allergy treatment

Diagnostics of allergy in Germany


Qualitative treatment of patients suffering from allergy is impossible without accurate and timely diagnostics. The following methods are prescribed to achieve this goal:

  • Skin allergy tests. The doctor scratches the patient's skin with an allergen applied onto it. The lesion becomes red within half an hour, a rash may appear. This indicates a positive result of the study.
  • Blood tests for class E immunoglobulin. After skin tests, the level of IgE to the detected allergens is examined in the blood. First, a group of substances is determined, and then specific allergens.
  • Multilevel provocative tests determine not only the substance that causes the hypersensitivity reaction, but also the severity of the immune response.


Treatment of allergy in Germany


In Germany, there are various provocative tests, for example:

  • DBPCFC- food test
  • Rhinomanometry
  • Inhalation test

Provocation involves the introduction of large doses of allergens into the body, which can worsen the patient's condition in the case of a pronounced hypersensitivity reaction. Therefore, such tests are carried out only under the supervision of an experienced doctor who is able to provide quick and adequate medical care (to stop an allergy attack).

Benefits of allergy treatment in Germany


Allergies can be treated in any country in the world. Especially, when it comes to a mild attack, which is not difficult to prevent, if you have the appropriate drugs at hand. However, in Germany, the actions of doctors are aimed not only at improving the patient's condition at a particular moment. Their goal is to improve the quality of your life. Allergy adversely affects all of its areas, since attacks often occur at the most inopportune moments. German doctors use the diagnostic capabilities available at German hospitals to detect specific allergens that provoke hypersensitivity reactions. Human contact with these substances will be limited in the future, which will reduce the number of attacks to a minimum.

German doctors always take into account the following criteria before prescribing necessary drug treatment:

  • How exactly the allergic reaction expresses itself (discharge from the nose, spasm of the respiratory tract, rashes on the skin, etc.)
  • How severe is the reaction at the penetration of the allergen
  • If a patient has an accompanying pathology and if it influences the general condition during the allergic attack 

Drug therapy is used in complex. The patient is prescribed several drugs. Some of them allow you to quickly stop an allergy attack in case of its occurrence. Others are taken during a certain course and reduce the immune system’s reaction to penetrating allergens. Depending on the location of allergic reactions manifestations, there are different ways of introducing drugs into the body.

The latest medications for the treatment of allergies are available in Germany. They are effective and safe; with mild side effects.

What hospitals treat allergy?


A large number of general hospitals, as well as specialised medical institutions are engaged in the treatment of allergic diseases in Germany, because this group of pathologies is one of the most common in the world.

Here are some medical centres where you can be diagnosed and get effective treatment of allergic diseases:



Choice of the hospital for the allergy treatment


If you need to choose a hospital for treating allergies in Germany, you need to consider a number of criteria before making a decision:

  • The field of the hospital work, the availability of modern methods of diagnostics and treatment of allergies.
  • Cost of treatment-diagnostic programme.
  • Geographical location of the clinic.
  • Conditions of stay in a medical institution, the possibility of finding an accompanying person in the ward if necessary, the availability of rooms of increased comfort.
  • Terms of admission by an allergist.

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