Germany vs Israel. Which is the leading country when it comes to medical treatment?

Germany vs Israel. Which is the leading country when it comes to medical treatment?

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Not every country provides people with an opportunity to receive effective medical treatment. Many people have to travel abroad in search of the best...

Not every country provides people with an opportunity to receive effective medical treatment. Many people have to travel abroad in search of the best possible medical services. Israel and Germany are among the most popular destinations. 

So what are the countries that offer treatment? Many famous people and affluent people, such as media personalities, businessmen, sportsmen, prefer German medicine and that is due to a number of objective reasons.

The main advantages of treatment in Germany as compared to Israel: 

Higher quality of medical services. The level of medicine in Germany is higher than that in Israel. The health care system of this European superpower receives better funding from the state, and is therefore better resourced with leading research and scientific advancements.

The average life span of the German population is higher, proof that people are healthier. According to this indicator, Germany ranks third in the world after Japan and Switzerland, while Israel is only eighth. 

Germany has far more hospitals offering high quality and advanced medical equipment. There are numerous innovative treatments available that is not available in Isreal. 

Patient satisfaction. The cost of accommodation and living expenses is considerably lower in Germany than in Israel. Therefore, a person can feel more comfortable and satisfied for the same amount of money. In addition, the climate conditions in Israel will not be suitable for every person. This is another reason why staying in Germany will be more comfortable, especially if there is a need for long-term care.


quality of medical services in Germany


Specialized medical centres . Israel is a very small country. It does not have such a large variety of highly specialized centres dealing with the treatment of a limited number of diseases. Hence it is without a shadow of doubt, that Germany is way more specialised when it comes to treating rare  pathologies.

A large number of clinical trials. Some diseases are difficult to treat. In this case, patients have an opportunity to participate in clinical trials of new therapies. Here they will receive the latest treatments, which are not available in most countries  around the world. 

Germany carries out a great number of clinical trials. These aim to find effective treatments for many incurable diseases. In Israel medicine funding is lower, so the country does not have such opportunities to develop medical innovations. 

Consultations from highly specialized experts. Israel is a small country. There are few clinics, but a lot of patients from all over the world. Therefore, a patient is provided with a very fast diagnosis and you can be referred to a multi-discipline specialist for counselling. 

In Germany the situation is different. A large number of highly specialized experts are found in Germany, who are perfectly skilled in the diseases they treat. Although this is hard to believe, but rest assure because you will be consulted by the whole group of representatives of the related medical specialties. This is another reason why you will get better medical care in this European country. 

It should also be noted that Germany: 

  • Provides medical care to man VIPS, famous sportsmen and business people
  • Offers a more suitable climate for the treatment of heart and respiratory diseases
  • Has more highly qualified staff with years of experience

There is an opinion that the treatment in Israel is cheaper than in Germany. Actually, this is due to the fact that German hospitals initially charge ample costs in order to compensate possible risks and additional procedures, if necessary. The unspent funds are refunded after treatment. 

In Israel everything is different. The initial cost is lower, but then more and more expenses occur thereafter. Therefore, the price for medical services in these countries is similar, unless you consider a higher quality of treatment in Germany. This is one of the main reason why Germany is a great solution to seeking health care and treatment. 


Choose treatment abroad and you will for sure get the best results!


Authors: Dr. Vadim ZhiliukDr. Nadezhda Ivanisova


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