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Assuta Hospital Tel Aviv

location_onIsrael, Tel Aviv
The Assuta Hospital Tel Aviv was opened in 2009 and today it is one of the largest, modern hospitals with the highest treatment success rates in Israel. The сlinical practice is based on the use of the state-of-art technologies in the world of medicine. The compliance with the high level of medical care and cooperation with the

Amount of beds available: 250
Inpatients yearly: 85000
Outpatients yearly: 150000

Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center

location_onIsrael, Tel Aviv
The Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center is the second largest and one of the most advanced healthcare and research facilities in Israel. It began its work in 1961, but it is still popular among the local population and attracts thousands of international patients. The multidisciplinary medical center covers an area of ​​150,000 m&s

Amount of beds available: 1300
Inpatients yearly: 60000
Outpatients yearly: 500000

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Rambam Health Care Campus Haifa

location_onIsrael, Haifa
The Rambam Health Care Campus Haifa is the largest and the most progressive hospital in Northern Israel. The medical center was founded in 1938 and nowadays is proud of its long history, rich and successful experience in providing comprehensive medical services in all medical fields. The hospital serves more than 2 million local

Amount of beds available: 1000
Inpatients yearly: 92448
Outpatients yearly: 726279

When facing a disease, many people from countries with poorly developed medicine prefer to undergo treatment abroad. The choice is often made in favor of Israel. This country offers highly developed medicine and deals with the treatment of even the most serious diseases. The diagnostics in Israel is one of the most accurate in the world. Moreover, the cost of treatment in Israel is far from the highest, so even people with an average level of financial well-being can afford medical services in this country.


Israeli medicine can be characterized by the following features:

High professionalism of doctors. They get a good education here. They are allowed to practice only after obtaining clinical experience under the guidance of specialists.

Introduction of innovations. The treatment in Israel is always carried out according to the very latest standards of medical care. The innovative therapeutic methods are timely introduced in hospitals.

Equipment. The Israeli medical centers have state-of-the-art equipment since they are well funded.

Accurate diagnostics. Each large hospital has the necessary devices for instrumental diagnostics, such as MRI, PET, CT, endoscopic and other examinations. Thanks to its good equipment, the accuracy of the diagnostic procedures in Israel ranks among the highest in the world.

Safety. It is important not only to cure the disease, but also not to harm the patient. If possible, the doctors in the Israeli medical centers perform organ-sparing operations and use minimally invasive surgical approaches. Many hospitals perform robot-assisted surgeries.

Cost of services. The costs of treatment in Israel are lower than in the USA, Japan and developed European countries. Moreover, the quality of medical care is comparable.

Medical tourism. Not only local citizens, but also foreign patients can undergo treatment in the Israeli clinics. The patients from all over the world can be treated here, as the state has created favorable conditions for the development of medical tourism.

Why should patients choose Israel?

There are many countries with advanced medicine. Why do many patients prefer medical treatment in the Israeli clinics? There are several reasons for it. Here are some of them:

  • Availability of high-tech medical care.
  • Possibility to restore health at numerous Israeli resorts.
  • Friendly and respectful attitude to each patient, high-quality care and high level of comfort.
  • Affordable cost of treatment in Israel, not everyone can afford to undergo treatment in Germany or the USA.
  • Possibility of treatment of rare diseases.

Most often, the patients with cancer, cardiological, neurological and orthopedic diseases seek medical help from the Israeli medical centers. Many cardiac and neurosurgical operations are performed here. The doctors at the Israeli medical centers make great successes in the treatment of oncological pathologies.

What hospitals are the best for treatment?

Thousands of foreign patients undergo treatment in the Israeli hospitals annually. Mostly they seek medical help from the following medical facilities:

  • Assuta Hospital is the largest private medical facility in the country. The structure includes 11 hospitals. The doctors of the hospital succeed in such medical fields as gynecology, oncology, orthopedics, surgery.
  • Sheba Medical Center admits more than 1 million patients annually. The structure includes 150 medical centers and departments. The hospital performs high-quality neurosurgical operations, as well as provide medical care to patients with oncopathologies.
  • Sourasky Medical Center is one of the largest hospitals in the country. It often deals with the treatment of children.
  • Hadassah Medical Center ranks among top 3 Israeli hospitals in terms of service quality. It received the Nobel Peace Prize for tolerance towards representatives of all nations and religions.
  • Reuth Rehabilitation Сenter serves for the restoration of your working capacity after medical treatment in Israeli hospitals. The patients after injuries, cancers, neurological pathologies can undergo rehabilitation in the center.
  • Rambam Health Care Campus is located in Haifa and ranks among top 5 largest hospitals in the country. Such medical fields as urology, cardiac surgery, oncology, orthopedics are well developed here. The transplantation of internal organs is carried out here as well.

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