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Sheba Medical Center Ramat Gan

Sheba Medical Center Ramat Gan

Ramat Gan, Israel

The Sheba Medical Center Ramat Gan is the largest and leading Israeli hospital, which has also won wide recognition in the international medical arena. The hospital was founded in 1948 and today it is proud of its long and extremely successful clinical experience. The medical facility has 159 specialized departments, outpatient clinics and centers, as well as 75 laboratories. The infrastructure of the center forms a solid basis for the accurate diagnostics, comprehensive and the most effective treatment of pathologies in all fields of modern medicine. 

According to the prestigious American Newsweek magazine, the medical center ranked among the top ten best hospitals in the world in 2019 – the rating is based on the efficiency of medical care, the level of service, compliance with international quality standards. In addition, the medical centre is the holder of the international JCI certificate, which is awarded only to the best hospitals all over the world.

The medical complex provides patients with the most advanced medical treatment and individual approach to each clinical case. If necessary, the patient can take part in clinical trials of new pharmaceuticals or treatment methods. The patients are offered high-tech medicine. For example, it houses the only virtual reality Rehabilitation Center in the world, as well as offers exclusive and progressive methods of imaging diagnostics for patients suffering from cancers and cardiovascular diseases.

One of the leading fields of the medical center is oncology. Cancer of various localizations is treated within the specialized Cancer Center. Thanks to the hospital's own unique developments in the field of oncology and cooperation with the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, the doctors practice innovative treatment protocols, which allow them to achieve complete cure or long-term remission even in the cases that are considered hopeless in many hospitals around the world.

Certainly, the key role in the success of clinical practice is also played by the presence of highly qualified personnel – the hospital employs dozens of leading doctors, including world-class professionals. Many doctors are lecturers at the Sackler School of Medicine of the Tel Aviv University. In addition to the treatment of patients, they are engaged in research activities and make an invaluable contribution to the development of medicine in Israel and around the world.

The hospital admits annually more than 430,000 patients for the diagnostics and treatment on an inpatient basis, while the number of outpatients reaches 160,000. These figures speak for themselves and confirm the authority of the medical center, which is ready to provide high-quality medical care to both Israeli citizens and foreign patients from all over the world. The hospital also performs about 50,000 surgical interventions, as well as more than 11,000 babies are born in the delivery rooms of the medical center every year.

The Sheba Medical Center Ramat Gan is rightfully considered the world leader in the field of medical care and has all the necessary medical and technical resources for providing both diagnostic and therapeutic procedures of any complexity – some of them are not available even in the developed countries of Europe and the USA.

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Department of Reproductive Medicine

Raoul Orvieto Prof. Dr. med.

Department of Adult and Pediatric Ophthalmology

Amir Alhalel Dr. med.

Department of Adult and Pediatric Oncology, Oncohematology

Raanan Berger Prof. Dr. med.


Patients rooms

The patients of the Sheba Medical Center Ramat Gan live in cozy rooms with a high level of comfort. Each patient room has an ensuite bathroom with shower and toilet, with all the necessary hygiene items. The furnishing of the rooms includes a comfortable automatically adjustable bed, a bedside table, a wardrobe, a telephone, a TV, an air conditioner. Wi-Fi access is also available in the patient rooms. The center has special rooms for children. The special atmosphere of coziness and kindness allows young patients to feel as comfortable as possible.

Meals and Menus

The patient and the accompanying person are offered tasty and balanced three meals a day. If for some reason you do not eat all foods, you will be offered an individual menu. Please inform the medical staff about your food preferences prior to treatment.

Further details

Standard rooms include:


Accompanying person

During the inpatient program, the accompanying person can live with the patient in a patient room or a hotel of his choice. Our managers will help you choose the most suitable option.


During an outpatient program, the patient can stay at the hotel on the territory of the medical center or at the hotel of his choice. Our managers will help you choose the most suitable option.


Ramat Gan is a city in the central agglomeration of Israel, Gush Dan, near Tel Aviv. The city is located on a hill surrounded by lush vegetation of beautiful gardens and parks. It harmoniously combines green streets with low-rise buildings, luxurious mansions, huge skyscrapers, shopping centers, medical and educational facilities, as well as elite restaurants and nightclubs. The city is known for the world's largest diamond exchange.

Since Ramat Gan is adjacent to Tel Aviv, it is also a priority tourist destination with its unique attractions. Moshe Aviv Tower is especially popular among the guests of the city. It is the tallest skyscraper in the country, which is also called the City Gate. One should definitely visit the world famous diamond exchange with the Harry Oppenheimer Diamond Museum. The main pride of this place is a helicopter model, which is covered with small gemstones, a fountain pen made of colorful diamonds, as well as a sand diamond clock. Another amazing place is the safari park in the south of the city, which is home to about 1,600 exotic animals in their natural environment.

The city concentrates a large number of museums, including the Museum of Jewish and Israeli Art, the Museum of Far Eastern Art, the City Museum, the Drawing and Sculpture Gallery and many others. In addition, Ramat Gan regularly hosts various cultural events – theatrical, ballet, vocal performances.

Football fans will be interested in visiting the Ramat Gan National Stadium, which seats more than 40,000 spectators. The International Football Federation has assigned it the 4th category, which allows for the highest level matches. Nightlife lovers will not be bored here as well – the city has as many clubs and bars as Tel Aviv. Gourmets can enjoy delicious kosher dishes of the national Israeli cuisine in luxurious restaurants of the city. Ramat Gan is also famous for its Mediterranean cuisine.