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Female infertility happens, when a woman can`t for some reason get pregnant. Females from South Africa, Central Europe, North America have the highest percentage of female infertility.The number of women who suffer from female infertility is approximately 48 millions. According to the statistics almost every 3 couples encounter infertility in their lifetime.

Causes of female infertility

Reasons for infertility in females are usually genetic. Poor lifestyle can also be a reason. The causes of female infertility include a variety of factors related to both the pathology of the female reproductive system and the diseases of female body overall.

The main causes of women`s infertility are:

  1. problems with endocrine glands
  2. incorrect position of the genitals
  3. extragenital diseases (rheumatism, tuberculosis, etc.).
  4. big quantity of low-quality food
  5. tumors
  6. genetic predisposition
  7. immunological factors
  8. abortion
  9. uterine trauma (can be accumulated during first childbirth)
  10. miscarriage

Risk factors are:

  1. smoking
  2. alcohol
  3. age
  4. eating disorder
  5. obesity
  6. disruption of menstrual cicle is the most prominent sign of women`s infertility

There are such disorders of infertility:

  1. menstrual disorder (35-40%), which is mainly related to disorders of the endocrine glands
  2. tubal infertility (20-30%) • infertility of various gynecological diseases (15-25%);
  3. immunological infertility (2%).

The cause of infertility is not always easy to detect, and someyimes women need to be examined for a long time, before the colnclusion is done. In rare cases the medicine can not help. To understand the reason for women`s infertility, a patient needs to undergo various gynecological examinations.

The complex survey of infertility includes:

  1. monitoring of the condition of the female body
  2. hormonal samples
  3. combined estrogen-progestin examination
  4. hysteroscopy (allows the doctor to understand the location and nature of adhesions)
  5. ultrasound of the uterine, which can reveal the uterine adhesions

Female infertility treatment

Before beginning female infertility treatment, the woman is required to pass certain female infertility tests. As a rule, such female infertility tests include the analysis for infections, blood test and hormonal tests with ultrasound. These infertility tests for females take about 1-2 weeks to pass. Depending on the results, the doctor can offer additional diagnosis or choose the best method of treatment.

Female infertility treatment includes such options:

1) The pre-arranged sexual intercourse. If the test results are satisfactory enough and no causes of infertility have been identified, the couple is strongly advised to have the so-called "pre-planned intercourse." There are cases when pregnancy can not happen due to the incorrect calculation of the ovulation. The doctor can calculate the best time for the conception of the baby. If the problem is psycological, the couple is advised to see the psycologist for the family therapy.

2) Hormones can also be the treatment for infertility in females Females take the drugs that stimulate the normal production the eggs. Hormonal treatment increases by several times the likelihood of getting pregnant. Nevertheless, there are few negative consequences for hormonal treatment(gain of weight by several kgs, hot and frequent flashes, dryness of the vagina and even emotional instability and tendency to cry and to be depressed). However, the result justifies all expectations.

3) Insemination.If there is a small hormonal disturbance in the future mother`s body, the insemination can be an option. The doctor injects the small amount of the husband`s or donor`s sperm in the woman. The probability of getting pregnant by insemination increases 30%, and the procedure is absolutely painless.

4) IVF.IVF basically grows babies, from the test tube.

First stage includes the general anesthesia, when the doctor gets the eggs from the female`s ovaries. This is not an surgical operation, it`s a simple six-minute procedure. Then the egg is fertilized as much as possible by the sperm of the husband or of a specifically chosen donor. After the next 72-74 hours, small amount of embryons is placed in the woman's uterus. This procedure is completely harmless. After two ot three weeks the woman undergoes ultrasound, which is bound to shows exactly whether the pregnancy happened or not.During the last 20 years, more than a million children saw this world with the use of IVF. Nobody can guarantee pregnancy on the first several tries. But many hospitals return money to the clients, if the procedure was unsuccessful. The method is moderately expensive, but its efficiency is 30% in most cases.

5) Surrogation.

In case the ovaries are not functioning properly and do not produce eggs or there are serious hereditary diseases, the woman can use the donor egg to get pregnant. At the same time the healthy woman herself can become a surrogate mother. Nevertheless, some people question the morality of such procedure.

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Hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich

The Hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) Munich is a center of high-end medicine, medical innovation and medical and technical progress, which enables an individual and safe patient care.

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