Prostate cancer treatment with folk remedies

Prostate cancer treatment with folk remedies

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There are more than 100 types of cancers. Some types of cancer have long ceased to be an incurable disease. Many types of oncological pathologies are cured once and for all. Some types of cancer are so slow in their development that when attacked by therapy, they turn into chronic diseases which a person can manage...

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There are more than 100 types of cancers. Some types of cancer have long ceased to be an incurable disease. Many types of oncological pathologies are cured once and for all. Some types of cancer are so slow in their development that when attacked by therapy, they turn into chronic diseases which a person can manage and live with into a very old age. Despite all this, many patients who have prostate cancer refuse to undergo adequate therapy, preferring to use folk remedies for treating prostate cancer. There are many reasons for that: one’s disbelief in scientific medical remedies, expensive treatment costs and fear of physical suffering, inevitable in the process of treatment.


  1. What is a better way to treat prostate cancer?
  2. Treatment for prostate cancer with herbs
  3. Other folk methods for prostate cancer treatment
  4. Effectiveness of treatment
  5. Organization of treatment in Germany

What is a better way to treat prostate cancer?


During the initial stage of the disease many patients believe they do not need the help of a doctor, because it is better to treat 1 degree prostate cancer with folk remedies and quickly get rid of it with herbs rather than expose oneself to strong drugs and surgeries. As a result, patients begin to look for recipes of herbal decoctions, visit herbalists and healers, engage in some rituals and other kinds of unsound practices. Confidence is ensured by the fact that there are no symptoms of the disease during the initial stage. Based on this, patients make the erroneous conclusion that treating prostate cancer with folk remedies brings successful results.

This is not true. In fact, the disease continues to develop, because treating prostate cancer of the 1st degree with folk remedies is a completely hopeless and redundant exercise. Currently, there is no evidence in favor of the effectiveness of any plant, bee product, food product or their combinations in the therapy of malignant neoplasms of the prostate. When treating oneself with folk remedies people try to convince themselves of their effectiveness for a long time, and then, when the symptoms of the pathology progress, it turns out that the cancer has already begun to spread to the rest of the body.

At the 2nd stage of the disease, the pathology can still be cured by surgery. The tumor already occupies more than 50% of the volume of the prostate gland, but it does not spread into neighboring tissues yet and does not give metastases. Still, many patients persist to continue to be treated by "grandmother methods." Naturally, this approach does not work, because treating prostate cancer of the 2nd degree with folk remedies is like not treating it at all. Unconventional methods of therapy do not even reduce the progression of disease, let alone cure it completely.

As a result, the pathology continues to progress. It goes on to stage 3. Cancer already spreads to seminal vesicles and other neighboring organs. The tumor is large. But distant metastases have still not spread. In this case, you can still get adequate therapy and significantly prolong your life.

It is necessary to contact the doctor as soon as possible, since it is possible to treat prostate cancer of the third degree with folk remedies only in order to reduce symptoms. However, the applied non-traditional methods of therapeutic influence are not capable of influencing the inevitable outcome of the disease.

Strangely enough, even during the 4th stage of the disease folk methods are still used. Many patients believe that nothing can be done so far. In this case, they are sure that it is better to try to treat prostate cancer of the 4th degree with folk remedies rather than simply waiting to die. But in fact, even if there are metastases, treatment in a good clinic in a developed country, such as Germany, gives one the opportunity to prolong the life of the patient by several years.

Prostate cancer is one of the most favorable types of malignant neoplasms. It is very amenable to therapy.



Treatment for prostate cancer with herbs


Despite the complete ineffectiveness of the folk or home remedies, we will nevertheless consider which of them are used and in what way. The most popular ones are herbs. After all, plants contain a lot of biologically active substances. In ancient times, before the advent of evidence-based medicine, people considered herbs effective even for treatment of malignant tumors. Let`s look at the main plants and mushrooms, which are used in treatment of neoplasm of the prostate gland.

How to treat prostate cancer with hemlock?

Hemlock tincture is used with a gradual increase in the dosage. On the first day of treatment, 1 drop is dissolved in 150 ml of water and drunk in the morning on an empty stomach. The next day, 2 drops are used and so on. When the dose reaches 40 drops, you need to reduce the dose. Over 40 days you will reach 1 drop again, and the course of therapy will be completed.


Treatment for prostate cancer with herbs


How to treat prostate cancer with celandine?

To treat prostate cancer, celandine should be prepared with an alcoholic infusion. One takes 100g of dried plants and mixes it with 1 gallon of vodka. It is infuse for 2-3 days. The patient drinks 1 tablespoon, on an empty stomach, once a day.

How to treat prostate cancer with Cordyceps?

Mushroom Cordyceps is considered to be a remedy for almost all Chinese diseases. It is difficult to collect it in its natural form. However, the Internet sells a lot of dietary supplements that include Cordyceps: capsules, tablets, tinctures, etc. Sellers of such additives spread rumors that the mushrooms treats prostate cancer.

How to treat prostate cancer with plantain?

The psyllium juice is used to treat oncopathology of the prostate gland. It is prepared as follows: one takes the herb of plantain and adds the same amount of water. Then the mixture is  boiled for several minutes. The resulting broth is cooled and filtered. A person drinks 4 tablespoons a day, 20 minutes before eating.

How to treat prostate cancer with a burdock?

Folk healers recommend preparing water tincture from burdock. One takes 50 g of the plant and pours 500 ml of boiling water. It should infuse overnight. Then the tincture is drank once a day with a dose of 100 ml at a time.

How to treat prostate cancer with aconite?

Aconite is a poisonous plant. We do not recommend using it. And if you still dare, do not exceed the recommended dosage determined by herbalists. Usually, 10% alcohol extract is used. The drug starts with 1 drop per day. The daily dose is increased by 3 drops, and on the 20th day  it reaches 60 drops. Then it is also gradually reduced.

Other folk methods for prostate cancer treatment


In addition to plants, there are a lot of other folk remedies used in the treatment of prostate cancer. This includes soda, hydrogen peroxide, mercuric chloride, and even common salt.

How to treat prostate cancer with baking soda?

A lot of people try to treat prostate cancer with soda using the Portman method. A person takes a decoction obtained from 250 ml of water, 1 teaspoon of soda and 2 teaspoons of treacle twice per day. The remedy is cooled at room temperature and drunk.

How to treat prostate cancer with salt?

As with all other diseases, not only prostate cancer, is used in the form of a bandage. It is supposed that this way all diseases can be cured. One teaspoon is dissolved in 100 ml of hot water. Then it is put on the skin and covered with an airtight cloth.

How can prostate cancer be treated with mercuric acid?

Mercury chloride or mercuric chloride is used in official medicine as an antiseptic. In folk medicine, this remedy is used to treat prostate cancer. In the pharmacy one can buy surgical dilution - 0.1% solution. 250 ml of the solution is mixed with 750 ml of water. It should be taken 2 times a day: 15 days with a teaspoon, then the next 15 days - with a dessert spoon, and another 15 days - with a tablespoon, until full recovery.

How to treat prostate cancer with hydrogen peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide is taken once a day with a dosage of 1 drop, it is added to a glass of water. Each day, the dose increases by 1 drop. After 10 days, it starts to decrease. There can be several cycles.

There are many other options to treat prostate cancer. The imagination of traditional healers is endless. Do not listen or be influenced by such recommendations. The use of traditional medicine may only lead to loss of precious time. The tumor will spread, and the treatment will take much longer to show effect,increasing the difficult, pain and cost. Therefore, it is better to follow the recommendations of your doctor immediately after the diagnosis is established.

Folk methods should be abandoned completely or used as additional therapeutic measures but not as the main treatment itself.

Effectiveness of treatment


There is no sound evidence of people who have cured prostate cancer with folk methods. Some tales are just passed around from person to person, and can seem so convincing that people believe them to be true. Mostly out of desperation to find a cure, because they think doctors don't know any better. However, there is no concrete evidence of improvement in a patient's condition after consuming hemlock or celandine, hydrogen peroxide or soda.

However, the connection between development of medicine in the country and adherence of the population to non-traditional methods of therapy is established. Generally residents from most poorly developed countries try to treat prostate cancer at home. This includes Africa, some states of Asia and Central America. People in the CIS countries often try to cure prostate cancer using folk remedies . The least amount of such attempts are made in countries with a higher understanding of and level of medicine, such as Japan, the United States, and  Germany.

Since you cannot cure prostate cancer with folk methods, it is better to resort to official scientific medicine immediately. And, if it is poorly developed in your country, it is worth looking for adequate medical care abroad. For example, in Germany, prostate cancer is effectively treated at any stage.



Organization of treatment in Germany


For those patients who have already understood that it is inexpedient to treat prostate cancer with folk or alternate remedies. They decide to undergo surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

Many patients prefer to receive medical services in one of the more established clinics in Germany. However, there is a problem with the organization of treatment.

After all, a person who does not have the experience in medical tourism faces many travel and medical related problems:

  • How to choose a clinic and negotiate with its administration?
  • How to not overpay for treatment?
  • What documents to collect?
  • How to get to Germany, to the right city, to the right clinic?
  • What should I take with me?
  • Where can I find an interpreter?

All these and many other questions can be taken over by the company Booking Health. We have been involved in the organization of treatment abroad for many years,  and our expertise in this field have earned us a good reputation.

We can help with:

  • Choosing the best clinic.
  • Negotiating with the administration and reducing the waiting time for a consultation with a doctor.
  • Collecting the necessary documents and translating them into German.
  • Saving up to 70% of the cost of the therapeutic program.
  • Acquiring insurance, which will cover all additional costs in case of complications.

We will meet you at the airport in Germany and transport you to the clinic by car, provide you an interpreter to communicate with the specialists of the medical institution and we will take you back to the airport  after the treatment. With our help, you can protect yourself from organizational issues and focus exclusively on restoring your health.


Choose treatment abroad and you will for sure get the best results!


Authors: Dr. Nadezhda Ivanisova, Dr. Sergey Pashchenko


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