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Asklepios Municipal Hospital Bad Wildungen

Asklepios Municipal Hospital Bad Wildungen

Bad Wildungen, Germany

The Asklepios Municipal Hospital Bad Wildungen positions itself as a modern medical facility, which is focused on the provision of high-quality medical services using state-of-the-art medical technologies and advanced treatment methods. The hospital pays great attention to an individual approach to each patient, which is the basis for a successful treatment result. The medical complex enjoys the status of an academic hospital of the Philipps University of Marburg, thanks to which it has access to innovative medical developments, trains medical students and conducts advanced training for doctors. In addition, the medical facility is part of the Asklepios Kliniken GmbH – one of the three largest and most famous private medical networks in Germany.

The hospital has 10 specialized departments, as well as two interdisciplinary centers and an emergency medical service. The medical team of the hospital, which consists of more than 420 specialists, successfully treats simple common and especially complex diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory tract, musculoskeletal system, nervous system, spine, urinary system, etc. The Department of Radiology and the in-house laboratories serve for various diagnostic tests, which allow the doctors to establish an accurate diagnosis and develop the most effective treatment regimen, taking into account the particular clinical case of the patient. The hospital has 195 beds for patient hospitalization, and also provides medical care on an outpatient basis.

The special focus of the clinical activities of the medical facility is surgical treatment. The surgeons from various medical fields with brilliant success perform surgery to treat various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, blood vessels, neurosurgical diseases, as well as interventions to treat orthopedic diseases. The hospital includes a certified Centre for Endoprosthetics (certified by the German Society of Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery), specializing in knee, hip and shoulder replacement surgery. The surgical treatment involves the use of modern medical technology, laparoscopic surgical techniques, state-of-the-art 3D imaging systems and navigation systems in order to ensure the highest level of safety of surgery.

Despite the many technical innovations in the hospital, the focus of the medical staff is on the patient, his health and comfort. The doctors' work with patients is based on respect and humanity.

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Patients rooms

The patients of the Asklepios Municipal Hospital Bad Wildungen live in comfortable single and double rooms. Each patient room has a separate bathroom with shower and toilet. The standard patient room furnishings include an automatically adjustable bed, a bedside table, a wardrobe, a TV, a radio and a telephone. The use of mobile phones in some buildings of the hospital is prohibited. The hospital also offers accommodation in a special section called Privita with enhanced-comfort patient rooms, the living conditions in which correspond to the level of rooms in a top-class hotel.

Meals and Menus

The patient and the accompanying person are offered tasty and balanced three meals a day. If for some reason you do not eat all foods, you will be offered an individual menu. Please inform the medical staff about your food preferences prior to treatment. The patients staying in the enhanced-comfort rooms are provided with an individual menu every day.

Further details

Standard rooms include:



The religious services are available upon request.

Accompanying person

During the inpatient program, the accompanying person can live with the patient in a patient room or a hotel of his choice. Our managers will help you choose the most suitable option.


During an outpatient program, the patient can stay at the hotel of his choice. Our managers will help you choose the most suitable option.


Bad Wildungen is a picturesque city located in the state of Hesse. The city belongs to the administrative district of Kassel and is part of the Waldeck-Frankenberg region. It offers the largest spa park in Europe called Reinhardshausen, as well as the administration of the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park. Due to its location at the foot of the Rhine-Westphalian Mountains, the city will not leave indifferent lovers of nature and mountains. Since Bad Wildungen is considered to be a spa town, it has many attractions and wellness facilities. The resort is widely known for its Reinhardshausen mineral springs, which are located near the city's main street. 

Bad Wildungen offers its guests a range of historical sights, including the old city with half-timbered houses, Friedrichstein Palace and many interesting museums. The city still has ancient wooden buildings, as well as the 13th century Gothic church. Hikers will discover many parks and gardens, while those who like outdoor activities can go mountain climbing, horse riding, visit tennis courts and play golf.

The city also offers many museums, including the Spa Museum, Bad Wildungen City Museum, the Museum for Military and Hunting History. In the vicinity of the city one can find the "Snow White and the Dwarfs' house", which is a museum based on a fairy tale. It recreates the life of miners and peasants of that time.

In addition, the city regularly holds various folklore festivals, interesting exhibitions, as well as musical events, among which it is worth noting concerts of jazz and classical music.

Bad Wildungen has everything for rest from the hustle and bustle of the city, restoration of moral and physical health. Everyone will find here something interesting to do, visit many attractions and enjoy the picturesque nature.