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Treatment of cancer in India: new possibilities for the foreign patients

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Fight against cancer is a world-encompassing task. Scientists and practical doctors are in constant search of new surgical techniques, equipment for irradiation and pharmacotherapeutic remedies. Leading world’s oncological centers gladly provide help to the international patients, contributing to more favorable survival rates in...

The FiLaC laser therapy in patients with pilonidal sinus

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The pilonidal sinus can be a reason of abscesses and other complications. The only way to get rid of this pathology radically is the surgical intervention. However, the operation poses certain risks and is associated with need for a postoperative recovery. Therefore, minimally invasive pilonidal sinus treatment methods are used...

Hyperthermia – effective cancer treatment method in Germany

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Germany is one of the most successful countries in the field of cancer treatment. German clinics offer the latest methods of fighting malignant neoplasms that are not available in hospitals of other countries yet. One of the actively developing methods is called hyperthermia. High temperatures influence cancer cells during the treatment.

Famous German quality or why treatment in Germany is so effective

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The expression “German quality” is known worldwide as an indicator of high standards. Everything in this country is done in the best possible way. It's not just about cars or household appliances. People with the most complex diseases, namely, cardiological, oncological, neurological, and other ones are successfully treated here.

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