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Famous German quality or why treatment in Germany is so effective

16.10.2018 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

The expression “German quality” is known worldwide as an indicator of high standards. Everything in this country is done in the best possible way. It's not just about cars or household appliances. People with the most complex diseases, namely, cardiological, oncological, neurological, and other ones are successfully treated here.

Medical tourism in Germany: how to go for treatment?

04.10.2018 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

Annually 250.000 foreign patients receive treatment in Germany. We will tell you why people choose German clinics, and how to go for treatment if you have made such a decision. Why is it Germany? Germany is one of the leading countries in the field of medical tourism. After Switzerland, this country ranks the second place in the...

How to make right decision when choosing the clinic and specialist

21.09.2018 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

People come to the idea of treatment abroad in different ways. Someone purposefully searches for methods of treatment which are not available in his native country. Someone is disappointed in the medical system and wants to receive better care abroad. Someone struggles with the consequences of treatment performed by the...

Rehabilitation after stroke

11.09.2018 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

Many functions of the central nervous system are affected after a stroke. Sometimes a person can’t move, speak, write, understand oral speech, etc. Different patients have different disorders, depending on the part of the brain involved into the pathological process. It is very important to start the rehabilitation as soon as... 

Diagnostics of epilepsy in children: complexities and peculiarities

06.09.2018 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

Epilepsy is one of the most widespread pediatric neurological diseases. Constant seizures occur in 1% of children. About 5% of the world population have suffered from the epileptic seizure at least once during their lives. Epilepsy can be an independent disease with hereditary predisposition or a symptom of other...

Reminder for a patient – a trip to Germany for treatment

04.09.2018 | from Booking Health GmbH | Treatment abroad guides post image

Medical tourism is widespread in Germany. This country is attractive for patients from all over the world, because everyone can receive here medical care of the same quality and at the same price, as a German citizen. There is no need to wait for а treatment very long and the prices for healthcare services are more affordable...

How is the examination in Germany going on?

31.08.2018 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

Quite often we organize for our patients trips to Germany with medical purposes, namely, for the check-up. The examination can be preventive, as well as a specialized one in the case of suspicious symptoms. Let’s talk about the check-up procedure in Germany, if you use the services of the company Booking Health.

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