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Modern minimally invasive methods of the bile duct stones removal

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Cholangiolithiasis is a common manifestation of the gallstone disease. Stones inside the gallbladder are present in 16% of the adult population. In 15% of cases the calculi are also revealed inside the bile ducts. This condition is very dangerous because it causes a number of complications, such as: mechanical jaundice, purulent...

Treatment of chronic inflammation of the paranasal sinuses by means of fenestration

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Fenestration is widening of the sinus fistula. This operation is used in chronic sinusitis. The treatment in German hospitals is carried out using endonasal access. This is a minimally traumatic and at the same time effective manipulation which allows to achieve a complete recovery in most patients. Thanks to the experience of doctors...

Unique techniques for the treatment of psoriasis in the world hospitals

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Psoriasis is a widespread skin disease. Sometimes it has a rather severe clinical course. In addition to cosmetic defects on the skin, psoriasis causes lesion of the joints and internal organs. The traditional treatment is not always effective. However, new methods of therapy are constantly being developed. Some of them have already...

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