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Treatment of the vas deferens inflammation

13.02.2019 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

Inflammation of vas deferens (deferentitis) most often occurs against the background of the inflammatory processes in other organs of the male reproductive system. These organs are posterior urethra, epididymis, and testicle. Often, spermatic cord is involved in the pathological process. The disease may have different etiology.

Treatment of prostate cancer in leading German hospitals: the innovative drug Lutetium-177

11.02.2019 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

In 2018, prostate cancer became the second most common type of cancer found in men. Cancer develops from the basal cells of the prostate gland. Over time it...

Stem cell treatment in patients with Lyme disease

10.12.2018 | from Booking Health GmbH | New in medicine abroad post image

Lyme disease is an infectious pathology that develops after a tick bite. Often, this disease affects nervous and cardiovascular systems. Meningitis, meningoencephalitis, lymphocytic meningoradiculitis, myocarditis, endocarditis, and other complications are possible. Skin, joints, and other organs and tissues are...

What types of diseases are treated with Cyber Knife?

05.12.2018 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

Cyber Knife is a modern treatment method which allows to remove volumetric formations in hard-to-reach areas of the human body (brain, lungs) without using any surgical access. This is a kind of radiation therapy which is characterized by high precision of radiation focusing. Tissues with pathological changes receive high...

Treatment of cancer in India: new possibilities for the foreign patients

30.11.2018 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

Fight against cancer is a world-encompassing task. Scientists and practical doctors are in constant search of new surgical techniques, equipment for irradiation and pharmacotherapeutic remedies. Leading world’s oncological centers gladly provide help to the international patients, contributing to more favorable survival rates in...

Hair transplantation in Turkey

26.11.2018 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

With age hair becomes thin and sparse in almost all people. Two-thirds of men already notice changes in their hair before they reach 35 years, and by the age of 50, 85% of them already have bald spots which are quite visible. But today, this problem is solvable in just one day. Hair transplantation will help you with this problem. 

The FiLaC laser therapy in patients with pilonidal sinus

21.11.2018 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

The pilonidal sinus can be a reason of abscesses and other complications. The only way to get rid of this pathology radically is the surgical intervention. However, the operation poses certain risks and is associated with need for a postoperative recovery. Therefore, minimally invasive pilonidal sinus treatment methods are used...

Best Medical Care: Top 10 Hospitals in India

19.11.2018 | from Booking Health GmbH | Hospitals rankings post image

India takes the second place on the list of countries with the largest population. Therefore providing high-quality medical care becomes a demanding task under these circumstances. That is why the medical sector in this country is constantly being developed, improved and updated. More and more hospitals successfully...

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