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Reminder for a patient – a trip to Germany for treatment

04.09.2018 | from Booking Health GmbH | Treatment abroad guides post image

Medical tourism is widespread in Germany. This country is attractive for patients from all over the world, because everyone can receive here medical care of the same quality and at the same price, as a German citizen. There is no need to wait for а treatment very long and the prices for healthcare services are more affordable...

How is the examination in Germany going on?

31.08.2018 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

Quite often we organize for our patients trips to Germany with medical purposes, namely, for the check-up. The examination can be preventive, as well as a specialized one in the case of suspicious symptoms. Let’s talk about the check-up procedure in Germany, if you use the services of the company Booking Health.

One day diagnostics in Germany

27.08.2018 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

Many dangerous diseases do not cause any symptoms at the initial stages. But they can be revealed, if you undergo preventive examinations timely. German clinics perform general diagnostic programs (check-ups) during 1 day. You can also use the opportunity and check your health. The company Booking Health will organize...

The MRI scan in Germany

22.08.2018 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

In developed countries, such as Germany, the MRI method is increasingly used to visualize internal organs and tissues. It makes possible to receive the 3D image by the sections of tissues up to 1 mm. That is why it allows to diagnose various pathologies even at the early stages. The informative value of MRI surpasses the...

7 reasons to trust to the rating of clinics on the Booking Health portal

16.08.2018 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

The company Booking Health is the only certified medical tourism operator in the world. Our purpose is to make your treatment abroad simple and affordable. 

Healthcare guide: treatment in Germany

14.08.2018 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

The phrase “treatment in Germany” has long been a symbol of solving complex health problems. Thousands of people come here from European countries, CIS and the United States annually. German clinics willingly provide medical care to foreign patients, because treatment of foreigners is rarely covered by the health insurance...

Health benefits of the winter vacation abroad

09.08.2018 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

The intensive working rhythm is an integral part of most people's life. We strive to finish the project on time, manage a complicated task or get a promotion. That is why vacation is the only time when we can pay attention to our health. Of course, the perspective of spending these precious days visiting clinics is very unpleasant. 

Real costs of treatment abroad

08.08.2018 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

When necessary medical help cannot be provided in the native country, patients start thinking about coming for treatment to Germany. It can also be possible that performed therapy was useless or even harmful. At the same time, patients’ families are preparing for tangible financial costs in advance. The final invoice for the...

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