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Noise in the ears: causes and effects. What to do if it rings in your ears?

07.08.2018 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

Tinnitus is one of the most frequent symptoms with which patients refer to the doctor. This symptom is non-specific. That is, a doctor won’t be able to define the illness right away, as tinnitus accompanies many various pathological processes. Some of them are quite dangerous and can be even life-threatening. Let’s talk about noise...

Herniated disc (Intervertebral hernia)

02.08.2018 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

Herniated disc is one of the most common causes of back pain. The pathology develops mainly in middle-aged people. For the elderly, this disease is not characteristic in view of the age features of the structure of the pulpous nucleus. Approximately 80% of cases of disc protrusion appear in the lumbar region...

Glioblastoma: complex medical issues in simple words

27.07.2018 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

Glioblastoma is a malignant neoplasm arising from brain cells. This diagnosis sounds threatening due to a number of reasons. First of all, even benign intracranial tumors have certain risk regarding the life and neurological status. Another thing is that the neoplasm grows fast and invades surrounding tissue. The World Health...

What to do with noise in your ears? Answers by doctors of Booking Health

23.07.2018 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

Patients suffering from the noise in their ears refer to doctors quite often. Tinnitus considerably influences the quality of life, as constant noise causes anxiety. It distracts a person from everyday affairs and often disturbs sleeping at night. Doctors from Booking Health answer patients` most frequently asked questions concerning...

Telemedicine – specialized medical care regardless of the distance

20.07.2018 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

Telemedicine is a way of providing medical services in situations where the distance between the doctor and the patient is the most critical factor. This modern approach is officially admitted in many developed countries and is actively used worldwide. Due to constantly advancing technical background doctors quickly and effectively help... 

Benefits of endoprosthetics in Germany

18.07.2018 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

Replacement arthroplasty is one of the most widespread surgeries in patients with pathology of the musculoskeletal system. During the procedure the person's own joint is removed, and an endoprosthesis is implanted instead. Surgical intervention of this kind is carried out when a large joint is completely destroyed or causes chronic.... 

How to save on treatment in Germany

16.07.2018 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

Today treatment outside the native country is no longer an extraordinary event. Patients go abroad in search of precise diagnosis, the latest models of equipment, extensive practical experience of doctors, developed in the course of clinical trials innovative treatment methods and drugs, as well as effective rehabilitation programs. 

Modern treatments for oncological diseases in Germany

13.07.2018 | from Booking Health GmbH | Diagnosis & treatment post image

Despite all the success of modern oncology, cancer remains the second most frequent cause of death around the world. Tumors are often diagnosed late, which makes treatment more complicated. Another issue is the use of the obsolete methods or not the most effective therapeutic approaches in countries with poorly regulated...

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