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Esophageal cancer: Compare Costs for a treatment abroad

Esophageal cancer is an extremely ancient cancer, that appeared 3000 b.c in Egypt. This disease has made a long history since then and now it can be cured thanks to modern medicine. The doctors are able to cure even malignant cancer and this is a huge development. First of all one needs to determine the esophagus, where this cancer forms. The esophagus is practically the part of human body that transits food to the stomach.

The most common esophageal cancer symptoms

Signs of esophageal cancer:

  1. food, that gets captive in the stomach. It is probably the most common esophageal cancer symptom.
  2. constant vomitting and nausea are another esophageal cancer symptoms.
  3. indigestion and difficulty during swallowing food are also important signs of esophageal cancer.
  4. vomiting with blood, constant coughing and hoarse voice can either be the symptoms of esophageal cancer or can indicate the problem with lungs. In either way the person should be checked at the hospital.
  5. Chest/back pain can also be the symptoms of esophageal cancer,but only with other signs of esophageal cancer that are listedabove.
  6. Bad diet habits and obesity that result in constant problems withesophagus can be the syptoms of esophageal cancer.
  7. pneumonia can sometimes be a sideeffect of esophageal cancer and thus it is considered to be a symptom of esophageal cancer.
  8. Considerate weight loss also makes a list of the signs of esophageal cancer.

If symptoms of esophageal cancer are diagnosed early, the treatment for esophageal cancer is bound to be performed performed succesfully.The most recent esophageal cancer prognosis showed that the rate of people who survived from a localized tumor is 40%. Localized tumor is a tumor that has malignant cells only in esophagus. The same esophageal cancer prognosis states that regional tumor has 21% survival rate and distant tumor has only 5%.

Treatment of cancer of esophagus

To defeat the tumor and eliminate all signs of esophageal cancer the patient needs to undergo all courses of esophageal cancer treatment.There are three major esophageal cancer treatment options that could be prosribed in the hospital if esophageal cancer symptoms proved to be right:


Depending on esophageal cancer stage, part or the whole surgery of the esophagus area is required. It is usually succesful, when performedduring the starter stages of esophageal cancer. Sometimes it is notpossible to remove tumor from the organ and in that case esophagealcancer surgery can`t be performed.


During the chemotherapy the patient needs to take drugs, which can result in side effects at a time, including pain, depression and weight loss. Thus, this drugs are usually taken in addition with painkillers. This kind of esophageal cancer treatment is usually done along with with radiotherapy. If the signs of esophageal cancer are predicted early, chemotherapy sometimes is not required. Chemotherapy is especially good if used additionaly to esophageal cancer surgery. Essentially it kills the dangerous cells and defeats the primary tumor.


Radiotherapy is another esophageal cancer treatment that is performed after esophageal cancer symptoms proved that there is cancerous tissue. It can sometimes be used as an addition to esophageal cancer surgery and it diminishes the cells that may arise after the surgery. Nevertheless, radiation hits the organ not in the best way, so if esophageal cancer symptoms are predicted early, it may be avoided.

Radiotherapy is all about high energy rays. Although these rays penetrate the tumor in order to kill malignant cells, they can kill other cells, that healthy.

The treatment for esophageal cancer can also include the laser therapy. It is also called photodynamic therapy and it is used to kill the tumorous cells by laser. Laser treatment for esophageal cancer is mostly practiced in the USA and in the United Kingdom.

In addition to traditional treatment for esophageal cancer doctors proscribe the repeating cicles of drugs that the patient is required to take, once the symptoms of esophageal cancer proved to be right.

There are also alternative treatments for esophageal cancer, that can literally defeat the tumor. Such alternative treatments for esophageal cancer consists of liver flushes, cellect-budwig and beta-1.

The liver flush practically kills all the parasites and microbes that exist in tumor and it is created to strenthen the immune system enough for it to fight the tumor.The budwig is specially designed diet, that aims to weaken the cancerous cells and to guide the patient through radiotherapy and chemotherapy.Beta-1 is a drug, that summons all the healthy cells ad makes them fight the process of the metastasis and to stop the tumor growth.

Booking Health offers the following options of treatment for this diagnosis.

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Endoscopic bougienage and stent overlay
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Diagnosis and conservative treatment with 1 course of chemotherapy
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Resection with plasty
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Cancer rehabilitation
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The Gummersbach District Hospital is a part of the Klinikum Oberberg and offers its patients a wide range of services. Here work highly qualified employees, who take care of patient health around the clock. The overriding priority of the Klinikum Oberberg is medical and nursing care meeting all patients’ needs.

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Alfried Krupp Hospital in Essen-Ruettenscheid

With 900 beds and approximately 2,050 employees in two branches, the Alfried Krupp Hospital is one of the larger hospital institutions in Essen.

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