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Glaucoma is an eye disease, which is characterized by the complete or partial damage of the eye nerve. This nerve is called optical. Glaucoma can result in decreased visual acumen and optical atrophy.

There are such types of glaucoma :

  1. open angle
  2. close angle

Glaucoma with an open angle is characterized by the lack of pain and initial symptoms, that can indicate the eye problem. That`s why this kind of glaucoma is particularly vdangerous, as it is usually diagnosed too late. If not treated, glaucoma with open angle can easily result in blindness. Usually glaucoma with open angle is detected during the regular eye check-up. Glaucoma with close angle can appear suddenly or develop gradually. If it appears suddenly, the person may experience following symptoms of glaucoma:

  1. severe pain in the eyes
  2. dilated pupils
  3. nausea
  4. constant redness in the eyes
  5. high pressure in the eyeballs

Some signs of glaucoma also include:

1)big amount of tears

2)Such deterioration can be happening for several years.

3)swelling in the eyelids;

These signs of glaucoma usually appear suddenly and all at once.

Glaucoma causes that provoke this disease are:

  1. family history
  2. obesity
  3. constant high pressure
  4. systematic migraines
  5. older age
  6. problems with sight vision
  7. defficiency of vitamin A
  8. big consumption of caffeine

The last stage of glaucoma is called absolute glaucoma and it always results in blindness, regardless of treatment. Treatment can only suspend or slow for a while a visibility loss.

What is congenital glaucoma

Congenital glaucoma, which is also known as juvenile glaucoma, can develop during the first years of child`s life or be evident already at birth. Primary glaucoma diagnosis is clinical and is conducted with the help of tonometer. This type of glaucomas is curable and the treatment is usually surgical.

How glaucoma develops: stages

  1. deterioration of blood circulation in the tissues of the eye;
  2. hypoxia (lack of oxygen) and ischemia (blood disorder) in the optic nerve;
  3. compression of nerves in the eye;
  4. the development of so-called atrophy (destruction) of eye nerve.

Treatment of disease

Nerve damage as well as loss of vision during the glaucoma can not be reversed, but there are treatment options that can somehow finish the progression of the disease. Treatment in most cases can stop further nerve damage development. Treatment of glaucoma may involve the use of drugs, eye drops, laser and similiar microsurgical techniques. People, who suffer from glaucoma, usually suffer from intraocular pressure, which may be reduced with medication such as an eye drops.Both conventional and laser treatment are used in modern hospitals. Surgecal approach is a preferred therapy for children with congenital glaucoma. Typically, these operations are a temporary solution, because the cure for glaucoma has not been found yet.

Glaucoma surgery

In most cases, surgery is required at any stage of glaucoma. Surgery is necessary when the effectiveness of the medication is insufficient.During the surgery doctors usually apply such procedure as canaloplasty.Canaloplasty is a not-invasive method that uses the micro catheter. Canaloplasty has been introduced into the medicine only recently, so long-term results of this procedure are not available yet.

Glaucoma laser surgery

Laser surgery for glaucoma uses a laser, called (ALT). This is a temporary solution, not a cure. Typically, half of the eye`s angle is treated at a time.

Considerable advantages of laser treatment are:

  1. small number complications;
  2. affordable prices
  3. a short rehabilitation period.

Recommendations for patients with glaucoma

Patients with glaucoma must not overwork and avoid stresful situations. They should also sleep no less than eight hours / day. It is also a good idea to avoid a body position, when blood can rush to the head(for example washing of the floor, bathing in the hot bath, bending and moving rapidly). patients should also drink at least six cups of water per day. Cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, strong tea are not allowed.Reading from the near distance is useful for the eyes, because it narrows the pupil, thus lowering intraocular pressure.Dark areas must also be avoided,asthey expand the pupil and it may increase intraocular pressure. Patients must restrict the hours the spend near the computer and television.

Prevention of glaucoma

Doctors recommend to always read and work with good lighting. When a person ages,the blood circulation around the eye worsens. Therefore, the older person needs to always regulate his blood circulation by not moving very uncoordinatively.The exercises that promote circulatory reactions (tilt, swivel, rotation of the torso and head) are also useful in this case. These exercises also increase the blood flow in the spine.

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