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Department of Pediatric Stem Cell Transplantation and Immunology (304075)

Peter Bader

Prof. Dr. med.

Peter Bader

Specialized in: pediatric stem cell transplantation, immunology

About the department

The Department of Pediatric Stem Cell Transplantation and Immunology offers treatment for children, adolescents and young adults with malignant and non-malignant diseases. The department specializes in autologous, allogeneic and haploidentical stem cell transplantation. The department is headed by Prof. Dr. med. Peter Bader.

The department performs more than 50 transplantations every year. It is one of the largest pediatric Transplant Centers in Germany.  Particular attention is paid to haploidentical stem cell transplantation. With this procedure, parents can become donors for transplantation. Thus, stem cell transplantation becomes possible for each child.

In addition, the department specializes on immunology. In the Outpatient Clinic for Immunodeficiency Disorders, the specialists of the department treat patients with congenital and acquired immunodeficiency disorders.The patients with perinatal HCV exposure and chronic HCV infections are treated here as well.

Key focuses of the department include:

  • Autologous stem cell transplantation
  • Allogeneic stem cell transplantation
  • Haploidentical stem cell transplantation
  • CIK-cell therapy (within the framework of a clinical study)
  • CAR-T-cell therapy (within the framework of a clinical study)

Curriculum vitae

Treatment-relevant information
  • Allogeneic stem cell transplantation to children and adolescents
  • Immune and cell therapy
  • Recurrent early detection using molecular biology methods after allogeneic SCT
Medical education
  • Specialist physician training in child and youth medicine
Scientific information
Research focus
  • Cell and immunotherapy
  • Recurrent early detection after allogeneic SCT (MRD and chimerism analysis)
  • Immune reconstitution after stem cell transplantation
Member of the following medical societies
  • American Society of Hematology (ASH)
  • Society for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology (GPOH)
Member of the following committees and commissions
  • Member of the board (secretary) of the DAG-KBT (German working community for bone marrow and blood stem cell transplantation)
  • Chair of the Pediatric Diseases Working Party of the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation
Scientific prices
  • Kind-Philipp-Prize 2004 (Research prize of the German Society of Pediatric Hematology / Oncology)
  • Fritz-Acker Award 2006
  • BMT Nature Publishing Prize as part of the EBMT 2007, 2010 and 2014
Professional background
  • 10 2004 - today: Head of Stem Cell Transplantation and Immunology 

Focus on stem cell transplantation and immunology,

Department of Child and Adolescent Medicine, Goethe University, Frankfurt

  • 10 2001 - 10 2004: Senior physician

General paediatrics, hematology / oncology,

University Clinic for Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine Tübingen

  • 1993: Title ""Treatment of metastasizing neuroblastoma IV with the murine monoclonal antibody 14.G2a""
  • 2001: Serial quantitative studies of hematopoietic chimerism after allogeneic stem cell transplantation to children with acute leukemias and myelodysplastic syndromes

Department of Pediatric Stem Cell Transplantation and Immunology.
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