Academic Hospital Merheim Cologne

Cologne, Germany

Department of Thoracic Surgery, Pneumology and Sleep Medicine

Erich Stölben

Prof. Dr. med.

Erich Stölben

Specialized in: pulmonology

The Department is a center for the study of organs, which offers a comprehensive treatment of all diseases of the chest – with the exception of heart.

Through the interdisciplinary, timely, simultaneous and cooperative collaboration of colleagues in different disciplines as well as through a contact person the patients are offered an optimized diagnosis and therapy with an optimal schedule. Pulmonary Cancer Center in Cologne-Merheim meets the quality criteria of the German Cancer Society and is the first Regional Center, that has received an award of the Pulmonary Cancer Center as well as the recommendation of the German Cancer Society. The Center for Transfer of the patient on the self-contained breathing has been marked by the German Society for Pneumology and Respiratory Medicine.

The main directions of the treatment at the Specialized Department:

  • All therapeutic-pneumological and by thoracic surgery treatable diseases of chest, lungs and respiratory tracts by carrying out the general diagnostics and therapeutic interventions by means of pneumological intensive care medicine and thoracic surgery medicine, expecially taking into account the switching-off lung breathing apparatus (ventilator) (weaning)
  • Multimodal treatment of tumors of the lungs and thorax in combination with chemoradiation and operative therapy according to the characteristics
  • Surgery of metastases in the lungs/ wandering thorax diseases/ mediastinum
  • Invasive bronchology
  • Conservative and invasive treatment of complex chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases
  • Long-term respiration and acute non-invasive lung injury, mechanical ventilation
  • Sleep Laboratory for the diagnosis and treatment of all forms of sleep disorders

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