Endoprosthetics in case of hip fracture in Germany

Hip fracture is a common injury in the elderly people. It often occurs in case of osteoporosis – demineralization of bones, which is usually present in women during the menopause. Such injury poses a mortal danger to the patient. In elderly patients bones heal very slowly or don’t heal at all. Incompatible with life complications develop due to the prolonged complete bed rest. Therefore, many doctors consider endoprosthetics of the hip joint to be the optimal treatment option.


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Hip fracture – Diagnostics

Radiography is the main method of diagnostics in case of the hip fracture. A doctor can easily identify abnormality of the bone integrity in the picture of a pelvis.

Computed tomography is a more informative method. Modern devices make a 3D modeling. The method is used as an additional one. It helps to assess the prognosis and to choose the optimal method of treatment. CT scans are also used in surgery planning.


Hip fracture – Treatment

A conservative treatment is possible in the case of hip fracture. The immobilization of the limb is performed. As a result, the bone consolidates. But this happens only in 4-8 months. Elderly patients require more time for healing of injuries and, actually, the hip fracture occurs more often exactly in the old age.

This trauma often leads to death. Due to prolonged bed rest, patients develop the following complications:

  • Bedsores
  • Muscle atrophy
  • Pneumonia
  • Thromboembolic complications
  • Heart failure
  • Infectious diseases due to the low immunity

А person with the hip fracture has about 30% risk of death within 1 year after the injury. Therefore, the surgery for hip replacement is performed very often in such cases. It saves patient’s life, because a person is able to move actively in the early postoperative period, and in a month the patient is allowed to load the operated limb.

In elderly patients, especially with the concomitant osteoporosis, the bone has a very weak regenerative potential. Therefore, a total endoprosthesis is usually implanted in such cases. The artificial hip joint is attached to the femur with a special cement.

You can do this operation in Germany. German doctors have wide experience in this field. Tens of thousands surgical interventions for hip replacement are performed annually in this country. The main advantages of treatment in Germany include:

  • Full restoration of mobility and working capacity, as a result of a qualitatively performed surgery.
  • Usage of modern endoprostheses, which ensure the full mobility of a limb and are not rejected by the body.
  • Service life of used in Germany endoprostheses lasts for decades . It is unlikely that you will ever have to perform an revision surgery for replacement of an artificial joint.
  • Low risk of intraoperative and postoperative complications.
  • Tiny incisions, which allow to speed up the healing process of the surgical wound.
  • Good state of health in the postoperative period due to qualitative care and well-performed anesthesia.

You have an opportunity to use help of the best German surgeons. You will be operated by the same doctors, who perform interventions in successful businessmen, politicians, sportsmen, and show business stars.


Best clinics for the endoprosthetics in the case of the hip fracture in Germany:


Hospital Neuwerk Maria von den Aposteln Moenchengladbach

Hospital Neuwerk Maria von den Aposteln Moenchengladbach

Femoral neck fracture treatment with hip replacement (hip endoprosthesis)


Hannover Medical School (MHH)

Hannover Medical School (MHH)

Femoral neck fracture treatment with hip replacement (hip endoprosthesis)


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Hip fracture – Rehabilitation

Restoration after surgery for joint replacement in patients with hip fracture requires rehabilitation measures. Usually rehabilitation program lasts for several months. Nevertheless, patients don’t need bed rest. In Germany patients begin to move actively within the first days after the operation.

You can undergo a rehabilitation after surgery in this country. Rehabilitation programs provide:

  • Normal healing of the surgical wound and bones
  • Ensuring the best operation results
  • Maintaining the tone of the leg muscles, preventing their atrophy
  • Normalizing gait
  • Rapid recovery of the operated limb function

Doctors of different specialties take part in the rehabilitation process. The restoration is based on physical therapy, physiotherapy, special training on simulators, and in the pool. Massage, reflexotherapy, and other procedures are also performed. The rehabilitation program is elaborated individually for each patient.


Best clinics for orthopedic rehabilitation in Germany:


Max Grundig Clinic Buehl

Max Grundig Clinic Buehl

784Per day

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Author: Dr. Nadezhda Ivanisova

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