Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) in Germany

Carpal tunnel syndrome (repetitive stress injury) occurs when the median nerve is compressed between the bones, tendons and ligaments of the wrist. It is manifested by pain, numbness and impaired movement of the fingers of the hand and often requires surgical intervention.. CTS occurs three times more often among women than men. Majority of cases are registered between 40-60 years of age. Incidence of this illness in different countries varies from 1,5% to 3%.


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CTS – Diagnostics

Objective diagnostics of the CTS is aimed to define the severity of this anatomical formation narrowing, as well as the degree of median nerve fibers compression.

For this purpose doctor uses several diagnostic techniques, which include:

  • Radiography, computer tomography or magnetic resonance imaging for the visualization of tissues, ligaments and bone structures of the wrist area
  • Rheovasography, which is a functional study of the blood flow in the tissues of the wrist and hand, which allows revealing violations of the blood flow, resulting in a symptom similar to the CTS
  • Neuromyography, which is the definition of the functional state of nerve stems and muscles

The choice of diagnostic tactics is determined by the clinical course of the disease, as well as by the diagnostic capabilities of the hospital.


Best clinics for the CTS diagnostics in Germany:


University Hospital of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

University Hospital of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich


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CTS – Treatment

CTS treatment is comprehensive and includes conservative measures as well as surgical intervention.

Conservative therapy is aimed at the removal of trigger factors, which cause the pathological process.

The following measures are used for achieving this goal:

  • Medicines
  • Physiotherapy
  • Exercise therapy
  • Lifestyle modification (change of the occupation)

Surgery is radical in this case. There are several operations done to restore the normal lumen of carpal canal and anatomic correlation of its structures:

  • Open surgery is performed through the skin incision in the wrist area to gain access to the carpal tunnel. Then a surgeon does plastic with suturing
  • Endoscopic dissection of carpal ligaments is a less traumatic surgery, which allows rapid functional restoration of the limb

Specialists in German hospitals give preference to the outpatient endoscopic dissection of the carpal ligament that doesn’t require long hospitalization.

Benefits of such approach are:

  • Small incisions and short rehabilitation period
  • Effectiveness is the same as with an open surgery
  • Reduced blood loss and risk of complications
  • Better aesthetic effect


Best clinics for the CTS treatment in Germany:


University Hospital of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

University Hospital of Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich

Surgery treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome


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