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Department for Hair Restoration and Transplantation - Dr. Turowski Hair Restoration Clinic Katowice

Dr. Turowski Hair Restoration Clinic Katowice

Katowice, Poland
Department id # 303039
Doctor photo
Dr. med. Gregory Turowski
Department for Hair Restoration and Transplantation
Specialized in: hair restoration and transplantation

About the Department for Hair Restoration and Transplantation at Dr. Turowski Hair Restoration Clinic Katowice

The Department for Hair Restoration and Transplantation at the Dr. Turowski Hair Restoration Clinic Katowice offers the wide range of methods for the treatment of hair loss. The department specializes in modern FUE technique and its modifications using innovative ARTAS and ARTAS iX Robotic Systems. Another priority is the treatment of androgenetic alopecia using Capillus laser technology. In addition, the department's experts perform highly effective mesotherapy procedures, including mesotherapy with the injection of platelet-rich plasma or stem cells. All treatment methods are clinically proven and safe.

The department is headed by Dr. med. Gregory Turowski. He is a member of the American Council of Academic Plastic Surgeons and Associate Member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS). In addition, Dr. Turowski is one of the few surgeons in the prestigious "Best Doctors – Chicago Metropolitan Area" and "USA Top Surgeons" rankings.

The department is particularly competent in the field of hair transplantation using FUE technique. The FUE technique involves the extraction of hair follicles using special device and their follow-up transplantation into the patient's problem area. In comparison with the classic FUT technique, the FUE technique is less invasive. It is characterized by faster healing and leaves less visible scars on the scalp. FUE hair transplantation requires good access to the donor area. As a rule, the hair on the head is shaved for this purpose. If up to 1,500 grafts are transplanted, shaving is completely optional. In this case, it will be enough, if the donor zone is cut short.

The department performs hair transplantation on an outpatient basis, under local anesthesia. The FUE technique allows to extract individual hair grafts from the donor area. The surgeon's assistants group them depending on the amount of hair in 1 graft. As a rule, grafts contain from 1 to 4 separate hair follicles. After the operation, the patient receives comprehensive consultation on follow-up care and can return to his daily activities on the following day.

The department's medical team has innovative ARTAS iX Robotic Hair Restoration System, which has no analogues in other clinics in the world. Thus, the department's doctors rank among the top specialists who use this technology in the United States and Europe. Robotic hair transplantation using FUE ARTAS is a successful treatment for hair loss, which significantly reduces side effects of surgical hair transplantation.

In comparison with other methods, the FUE ARTAS hair transplantation technique has the following advantages:

  • Faster recovery, reduced discomfort during the procedure and lower risk of side effects
  • Maximum manipulation accuracy thanks to the robotic systems
  • Upon treatment completion, the patient can wear very short haircuts without worrying about visible scars
  • Absence of necessity in suturing
  • Minimal swelling, the patient can return to his normal physical activity in 5 days after the intervention
  • Lack of visible scars and discomfort in the back of the head
  • The most natural look of hair

Another hair restoration technique is Capillus laser technology. It consists in wearing Capillus Laser Cap, which uses safe, low-intensity laser beams to strengthen hair follicles and stimulate new hair growth. The Capillus Laser Cap acts on the principle of phototherapy, thus preventing hair loss and stimulating their thickening. To have healthy, beautiful hair, it is enough to wear it every other day for 30 minutes. This type of therapy does not require any additional efforts from the patient. Therefore, it is one of the most common treatment methods worldwide.

The effectiveness of the Capillus therapy using low-intensity beams is clinically proven. The examinations have shown that the Capillus laser therapy every other day for 17 weeks is a safe and effective treatment for androgenetic alopecia. In addition, clinical examinations have shown that with the Capillus Laser Cap, the hair loss was reduced in 100% of the participants.

The department also specializes in the treatment of hormonal hair loss in women. In this regard, the department holds special consultations on endocrinology. The most common diseases, which cause hair loss in women include polycystic ovary syndrome and hyperthyroidism. The department employs competent endocrinologist. They find the optimal solution even in especially difficult clinical cases.

In addition, the department's priority is mesotherapy. This procedure is one of the most effective methods for hair growth stimulation. The treatment consists in the percutaneous injection of drugs, namely vitamins, amino acids and trace elements. The medicines and their combinations nourish the scalp and stimulate the growth of new hair. As a result, the hair becomes stronger, denser, moisturized and shiny. For long-term consolidation of mesotherapy results, one should undergo a series of 3-5 procedures with an interval of 2-3 weeks.

To achieve the best results, mesotherapy can be used in combination with other methods. In particular, mesotherapy with platelet-rich plasma can be used for the treatment of focal alopecia. Such plasma is obtained from the blood of patients by means of centrifugation. In addition to the stimulation of hair growth from existing hair follicles, plasma also enhances tissue regeneration, stimulates collagen synthesis and improves blood circulation in the skin. The procedure lasts 10-15 minutes. The skin marks will disappear the next day, whereas the patient can return to his daily activities.

Another advanced treatment method is stem cell mesotherapy. Stem cells are administered to patients in order to stimulate the division of skin cells and its appendages. This method is recommended for patients with severe baldness. Even in those areas where hair is completely absent, hair follicles may remain, so mesotherapy can affect them. Mesotherapy is the most effective non-invasive treatment method for hair loss, since stem cells stimulate "sleeping" follicles and promote the growth of new hair.

The main clinical focuses of the department include:

  • FUE hair transplantation technique
  • FUE hair transplantation technique using ARTAS and ARTAS iX
  • Specialized endocrinological consultations
  • Platelet-rich plasma mesotherapy
  • Stem cell mesotherapy
  • Other treatments for hair loss

Curriculum vitae

Dr. med. Gregory Turowski is one of the few certified plastic surgeons specializing in plastic and cosmetic facial and body surgery. He received his deep knowledge and unique experience in the field of surgery in the most prestigious institutions of America – Yale and Harvard Universities.

He had his residency at the St. Mary's Hospital (program of the Medical Faculty of Yale University). This was followed by board certification in surgery of the American Board of Surgery.

After completing training in Internal Medicine, Dr. Turowski moved to Boston, where he participated in the training program in plastic surgery at the Harvard Medical School. He had his residency in plastic surgery in the best American medical facilities, such as Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston Children's Hospital and Massachusetts General Hospital. The doctor also had board certification in plastic surgery at the American Council of Academic Plastic Surgeons.

Dr. Turowski is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAP). In addition to over eight-year internships during which Dr. Turowski performed several thousand operations, he completed postgraduate studies at Yale University and has PhD in Surgery. While working in Boston, Dr. Turowski was a professor at Harvard Medical School. In addition, he is the author of numerous articles and lectures in the field of plastic surgery and wound healing, for which he received many awards.

Of particular interest to Dr. Turowski is hair restoration and transplantation. He is also a member of prestigious hair restoration associations, such as the American Hair Loss Association and the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons. These organizations accept elected surgeons into their ranks at a special invitation. Society members should achieve the highest recognition in hair restoration and regularly demonstrate outstanding treatment results.

Photo of the doctor: (c) Dr. Turowski Hair Restoration Clinic Katowice