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Department of Orthopedics (26303)

Claudio Cerletti

Dr. med.

Claudio Cerletti

Specialized in: orthopedics, traumatology

About the department

If you have an accident and want to be recover quickly, then the emergency service with a competent trauma is available all the time. Thanks to the extensive infrastructure of Hirslanden Klinik Aarau, an interdisciplinary cooperation is all the time possible.

Only when you can move, you can participate in our mobile society: If you cannot sleep because of pain or cannot move your hands or feet day by day. If you want to keep fit, but the process is becoming a torture. If you want to have nice legs, but your feet need to be hided in special shoes. The mountains are calling, but the cartilage is mountains and valleys. Then you need our competence.

Many people live more than 80 years today. Degenerative diseases and geriatric diseases do not stop in front of joints, discs and bone strength (osteoporosis).

Our experienced specialists in orthopedics and traumatology are always there for you in case of arthrosis, intervertebral disc damage, bone fracture, osteoporosis, meniscus injury, Hammer, nerve bottleneck, hand trauma, ligament injury, O-leg, cartilage damage, shoulder dislocation, questions regarding the endoprosthesis and other problems of the musculoskeletal system.

Curriculum vitae

2015   Belegarzt an der Hirslanden Klinik Aarau

2014 – 2014   Leitender Arzt Orthopädie im Luzerner Kantonsspital Sursee

2010 – 2013   Oberarzt Orthopädie im Luzerner Kantonsspital Sursee bei PD Dr. med. J. Decking

2008 – 2010   Oberarzt Orthopädie im Bürgerspital Solothurn bei Dr. med. D. Weber, Prof. Ochsner und Dr. med. N. Helmy

2007 – 2007   Oberarzt sportclinic Villa Linde bei Prof. Dr. med. R. Biedert

2004 – 2006   Assistenzarzt Orthopädie Uniklinik Balgrist bei Prof. Dr. med. C. Gerber

2002 – 2004   Assistenzarzt Orthopädie im Bürgerspital Solothurn bei Dr. med. D. Weber

2001 – 2002   Assistenzarzt Chirurgie im Kantonsspital Bruderholz bei Prof. Dr. med. A. Huber

Department of Orthopedics.
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