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Department of Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery (26319)

Robert Bettschart

Dr. med.

Robert Bettschart

Specialized in: pulmonology, thoracic surgery

About the Department of Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery at Hirslanden Clinic Aarau

The Department of Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery at the Hirslanden Clinic Aarau offers the full range of diagnostic and therapeutic services for patients with lung diseases, including lung cancer, bronchial asthma, pneumonia, COPD, obstructive sleep apnea and chronic bronchitis. The department also has successful experience in the treatment of lung cancer, which is carried out in cooperation with the Cancer Center Hirslanden Aarau. To provide high-quality patient care, the medical facility has excellent technical infrastructure, highly qualified medical personnel and professional nursing staff, which provides responsive care. The Chief Physician of the department is Dr. med. Robert Bettschart.

The department's tasks also include the implementation of preventive measures against the development of lung diseases. First of all, such measures include smoking cessation. Each patient is offered an individual smoking cessation program, which includes individual counseling.

The department also provides pulmonary rehabilitation, which aims to increase working capacity, endurance and, consequently, quality of life. The rehabilitation is extremely important for patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic bronchitis and bronchial asthma. The rehabilitation is provided on an outpatient basis, without obligatory hospitalization.

The department's range of medical services includes:

  • Pulmonology
    • Diagnostics of lung tumors
    • Body plethysmography
    • Arterial blood gas test
    • Spiroergometry
    • Bronchoscopy using the cutting-edge technical options, for example, endobronchial ultrasound 
    • Thoracoscopy
    • Pleural puncture
    • Diagnostics of respiratory allergies
    • Drug therapy for pneumonia, tuberculosis, pleurisy, bronchial asthma, bronchitis, emphysema
    • Drug therapy for shortness of breath, chronic cough, chest pain
    • Chemotherapy and radiation therapy for lung cancer
  • Thoracic surgery (special focus on cancer surgery and videoendoscopic surgery)
    • Removal of lung tumors
    • Removal of lung metastases in tumors of a different location
    • Removal of thymic, pleural and thoracic wall tumors
    • Surgical treatment of emphysema
    • Surgical treatment of pleural empyema
    • Surgical treatment of chronic inflammatory processes in the lungs (tuberculosis, bronchiectasis)
    • Surgical treatment of lung injuries
    • Surgical treatment of diaphragm paralysis, diaphragmatic hernia
  • Prevention of lung diseases (individual smoking cessation programs)
  • Pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Sleep medicine
  • Treatment of chronic snoring 
  • Treatment of obstructive sleep apnea
  • Other diagnostic and therapeutic options

Curriculum vitae of Dr. med. Robert Bettschart

Clinical Interests

  • Sleep medicine.
  • Pulmonary function testing.
  • Bronchology.
  • Inhalation and oxygen therapy.
  • Bronchial asthma treatment.
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic thoracoscopy.

Professional Career

  • 1999 - 2000 Senior Physician, Department of Pulmonology, Clinic Barmelweid.
  • 1998 - 1999 Assistant Physician, Department of Pulmonology, University Hospital Basel.
  • 1997 - 1998 Assistant Physician and Deputy Senior Physician, Department of Pulmonology, Clinic Barmelweid.
  • 1997 Department of Pulmonology, Hammersmith Hospital, London, UK.
  • 1995 - 1996 Assistant Physician, Department of Internal Medicine, University Hospital Zurich.
  • 1993 - 1995 Assistant Physician, Department of Internal Medicine, Municipal Hospital in Zurich.
  • 1992 - 1993 Assistant Physician, Department of Nephrology, Municipal Hospital in Zurich.
  • 1991 - 1992 Assistant Surgeon, Hospital Richterswil.


  • 1990 State Medical Exam.
  • 1984 - 1990 Study of Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Zurich.

Memberships in Professional Societies

  • Swiss Society for Pulmonology (SGP).
  • European Respiratory Society (ERS).
  • American Thoracic Society (ATS).
  • British Thoracic Society (BTS).
  • American College of Chest Physicians.
  • Swiss Society for Sleep Research, Sleep Medicine and Chronobiology (SGSSC).

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Department of Pulmonology and Thoracic Surgery.
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