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Department of Spinal Surgery - Hirslanden Clinic am Rosenberg Heiden

Hirslanden Clinic am Rosenberg Heiden

Heiden, Switzerland
Department id # 26369
Doctor photo
Dr. med. John-Christopher Ward
Department of Spinal Surgery
Specialized in: spinal surgery

About the Department of Spinal Surgery at Hirslanden Clinic am Rosenberg Heiden

The Department of Spinal Surgery at the Hirslanden Clinic am Rosenberg Heiden provides the full range of effective surgical treatment of spinal injuries and diseases, including quality postoperative care. The clinical practice is mostly focused on minimally invasive procedures, which ensure the speedy recovery of patients. The long successful experience of the department’s doctors allows them to competently combine treatment methods for the achievement of optimal results. The department’s medical team specializes in the treatment of injuries and diseases of all regions of the spine – from the cervical to the sacrococcygeal. The department is headed by Dr. med. John-Christopher Ward.

The key attention in the department is paid to the treatment of herniated discs in the lumbar and cervical spine, pain syndromes in degeneration of the intervertebral discs, spinal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, facet syndrome, facet joint arthrosis, spondylarthrosis and osteoporotic vertebral fractures.

The department’s range of medical services includes:

  • Minimally invasive treatments
    • Facet joint block for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes
    • Spinal root block for diagnostic purposes
    • Provocative discography
    • Percutaneous disc nucleoplasty
    • Epidural spinal cord block
    • Percutaneous sympathetic blockade
    • Percutaneous radiofrequency sympathectomy
    • Vertebroplasty
    • Implantation of electrodes and pulse generators for spinal cord stimulation
  • Open surgical techniques
    • Microsurgical interventions on the intervertebral discs
    • Microsurgical operation to eliminate spinal stenosis
    • Fusion of separate vertebrae in case of spinal instability
    • Dynamic stabilization
    • Intervertebral disc prosthetic repair surgery
  • Other therapeutic options

Curriculum vitae

Professional Career

  • Since August 2006 Work in the Department of Spinal Surgery at the Hirslanden Clinic am Rosenberg Heiden.
  • July 1999 - July 2006 Partner Physician in Orthopedics, Hirslanden Clinic am Rosenberg Heiden and Hospital St. Gallen.
  • November 1998 One-month internship at several Spine Surgery Centers in North America.
  • 1997 One-month internship at the Department of Spinal Surgery, Queen's Medical Center, University of Nottingham.
  • April 1995 - June 1999 Senior Physician, Department of Orthopedic Surgery at the Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen.
  • July 1992 - March 1995 Assistant Physician in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at the Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen.

Higher Education and Postgraduate Training

  • February 1995 Board certification in Orthopedic Surgery.
  • February 1995 Doctorate, University of Bern.
  • 1984 - 1995 Work as an Assistant Physician in Ospedale Bleniese, Ospedale San Giovanni, Cantonal Hospital St. Gallen.
  • 1984 State Examination in Medicine, University of Basel.

Memberships in Professional Societies

  • Swiss Society of Orthopedics (SGO).
  • Association of Orthopedic Physicians of East Switzerland (CCA).
  • Founding Member of the Swiss Society for Spinal Surgery (SGS).
  • Founding Member of the International Society for Fracture Repair.
  • Swiss Medical Association (FMH).
  • Medical Association of the Canton of St. Gallen.
  • Medical Association of St. Gallen.

Photo of the doctor: (c) Hirslanden AG