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Beauty Care Institute (276)

Jörg-Ulrich Fechner

Dr. med.

Jörg-Ulrich Fechner

Specialized in: dermatology

Simply beautiful! Facial care is especially important, since well-kept skin is something that forms image of both women and men. Swiss cosmetics will help you to resolve this problem, and our specialists will help you to select the means fitting your needs. Contact Swissana Beauty Care. Here you will learn how to care after the skin, and our skilled professionals will do their best to keep you comfortable and happy. It is not only your face that needs care. Decollate, back, hands, feet — they all demand attention and quality cosmetics. Indulge yourself and feel totally beautiful.

The life leaves its marks on our bodies, but professionals of Swissana Beauty Care can make them disappear or become less visible.

Fresh, well-cared-for and young look: men can have it and need it as much as women.


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