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Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) (278)

Katja Egli

Katja Egli

Specialized in: traditional chinese medicine

The Chinese medicine employs a lot of treatment methods, among which acupuncture plays a special part. Acupuncture is a very old health-improvement system. It involves inserting very thin needles in certain spots on the body (so called acupunctural spots) located on meridians and collaterals. Stimulating correct acupunctural spots makes body respond by starting self-regulation and self-curing.

Aural acupuncture or auriculotherapy is a treatment method where acupunctural needles are inserted in different spots on the ear. Different parts of the ear respond for certain body parts so that the body of embryo on the head is generally projected on the external ear. There is a direct connection between the external ear and central nervous system (CNS), which is why aural acupuncture can be used in case of various illnesses such as acute pains, allergies or addictions.

Electric acupuncture is a modern-day form of acupuncture, where effect of acupunctural needles is intensified with electric current. Two to four electrodes are connected to certain inserted acupunctural needles, and weak, easily handled electric impulses are applied. It intensifies the flow of Ki energy and eliminates any existing blockages. Electric acupuncture is applied mostly in case of chronic pains.


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