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Department of Cardiac Rehabilitation (334468)

Stephan Eddicks

Prof. Dr. med.

Stephan Eddicks

Specialized in: cardiac rehabilitation

About the department

The Department of Cardiac Rehabilitation offers the full range of rehabilitation services in this field and provides top-class diagnostic and therapeutic rehabilitation. It helps in the recovery of patients suffering from cardiovascular diseases. The department has all the necessary state-of-the-art technical equipment, which allows for a comprehensive diagnosis of heart diseases.

The department provides clinical rehabilitation, which goes well beyond the usual outpatient treatment. The treatment is based on the provision of optimal drug therapy. An important aspect of rehabilitation is patient training, which provides for the patient’s complete awareness of the disease, additional classes on measures to optimize type II diabetes, treatment of hypertension, large excess weight or serious impairments of heart pumping function.

The department offers programs that help the patient quit smoking, teach them to relax, manage stress and eat healthy (including practical training in a special kitchen). The treatment of wound healing disorders is performed by doctors and nurses specially trained in surgery. In cooperation with the local Dialysis Center (KfH-Dialyse), the department takes care of the patients who need dialysis.

The range of medical services of the department includes:

  • Coronary artery disease (acute myocardial infarction/recurrent infarction, acute coronary syndrome, condition after PTCA and stent implantation, chronic angina and/or heart failure)
  • Condition after heart surgery (coronary bypass surgery, prosthetic replacement or heart valve reconstruction)
  • Condition after operations on large vessels adjacent to the heart
  • Postpericardiotomy syndrome after cardiac surgery
  • Rheumatic heart diseases
  • Consequences of arterial hypertension
  • Heart arrhythmia (condition after pacemaker or automated defibrillator implantation)
  • Biventricular stimulation
  • Heart failure (I - IV stages)
  • Cardiomyopathy (diseases of the heart muscle)
  • Condition after myocarditis, endocarditis and pericarditis
  • Condition after pulmonary embolism
  • Chronic pulmonary heart disease
  • Occlusive arterial diseases up to stage II b
  • Condition after acute thrombotic syndrome
  • And other diseases in the field of cardiac rehabilitation

Department of Cardiac Rehabilitation.
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