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Department of Oncology (302975)

Mutlu Demiray

Prof. Dr. med.

Mutlu Demiray

Specialized in: oncology

The Department of Oncology at the Medicana International Istanbul Hospital under the lead of Prof. Dr. med. Mutlu Demiray performs high-quality diagnosis and treatment of all kinds of oncological diseases. Main treatment approaches of the Department include oncological surgery, radiation oncology, chemotherapy, etc. The Department has at its disposal the latest medical advancements, including Cyber-knife, hyperthermia, curcumin treatment, etc.

The Department of Oncology at the Medicana International Istanbul Hospital under the lead of Prof. Dr. med. Mutlu Demiray offers a broad range of services in accordance with the latest achievements of the modern medicine, which comprises the following options:

Oncological surgery

In most cases, the primary treatment method of oncological diseases is surgical tumor removal. Depending on the tumor location and its spreading, various surgical specialties are engaged in the treatment process, such as general surgery, orthopedics, otolaryngology, gynecology, lung surgery, ophthalmology, urology, etc. After the surgical intervention, the treatment continues in the Departments of Medical and Radiation oncology.


A focal point of the Medicana clinics is medical oncology, which deals with oncological treatment using medications. It has the following aims: on the one hand, providing medication treatment of cancer (chemotherapy), on the other, dealing with potential side-conditions and problems (such as infections, renal failure, heart failure, metabolism disorders).

Radiation oncology

Another common oncological treatment option is radiation oncology, which uses ionizing radiation to combat cancer. This type of therapy is used for removal of the remaining cancer cells after surgical interventions, as well as for tumor destruction, in case the operation is not possible.

The up-to-date medical technologies allow the team of oncologists under the lead of Prof. Dr. med. Mutlu Demiray to carry out timely detection of oncological diseases, thus leading to diagnosis at an early stage, as well as to a successful treatment. Thanks to the use of these advanced technologies, tumors in the area of breast, head and neck, as well as and tumors located in other organs are successfully diagnosed and treated here.

Medical group Medicana has at its disposal advanced medical technologies, which ensure the following advantages:

  • Primary diagnosis of cancer and its stage
  • Detection of spreading of tumor cells
  • Evaluation of treatment effectiveness
  • Detection and monitoring of viable cancer cells
  • Appropriate treatment planning
  • Patient’s comfort and convenience
  • Possible use for various cancer types

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