Rheumatism (rheumatic Fever) — Diagnosis and Conservative treatment in the Best Hospitals of Switzerland

Klinik im Park Zurich

location_onSwitzerland, Zurich

Department of Cardiovascular Diseases

The Cardiology Centre Zurich aims to give patients the best possible advices and care in the field of heart and blood vessels diseases. Experienced and renowned cardiologists and cardiac surgeons guarantee individual treatment at the highest level. Competent care, advanced medical and surgical services are also available. The interdisciplinary cooperation with other centres offers comprehensive care under the guidance of a doctor with the trust of the patients.

Hirslanden Clinic Aarau

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Department of Cardiology

The Department of Cardiology offers the full service range in the field of its competence and specializes in the diagnostics, treatment and monitoring of patients with heart diseases. A special focus in clinical practice is on the treatment of angina pectoris, heart valve diseases, heart defects, arrhythmias and acute coronary syndrome. The team of the department's doctors provides both drug therapy and invasive therapeutic procedures within 3 progressive Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories. The department employs a highly professional team of doctors with extensive clinical experience, as well as with the certification in accordance with the requirements of the Swiss Medical Association (FMH), who work for the benefit of their patients.

Hirslanden Salem-Spital Bern

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Department of Cardiology

The Department of Cardiology offers the full service range for the diagnostics and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The highly motivated team of experienced professionals applies all the methods of effective evidence-based medicine for the restoration of heart health. The main focus of the department's doctors is on the patient with his individual needs and wishes. The medical facility has progressive medical and technical base for the accurate diagnostics, and also provides the effective interventional treatment of cardiac pathologies.

Clinic Les Hauts de Genolier Genolier

location_onSwitzerland, Genolier

Department of Anti-Age Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy

The Department of Anti-Age Therapy and Stem Cell Therapy offers exclusive rejuvenation programs. Before starting the rejuvenation program, the doctors conduct comprehensive consultations and comprehensive diagnostics to identify pathophysiological changes associated with aging. Anti-age therapy is based on the use of special molecules that slow down the aging process. In addition, the medical team of the department has excellent qualifications in the field of stem cell therapy in order to rejuvenate the skin of the face, neck and hands.

Hospital Lindberg Winterthur

location_onSwitzerland, Winterthur


As a member of the Swiss Leading Hospitals, the Multispecialty Hospital Lindberg in Winterthur ranges amongst the leading medical facilities in Switzerland. With more than 100 accredited doctors of various specialties, the Lindberg Hospital offers a broad range of medical services. Focal areas of the Hospital are orthopedics including traumatology, general surgery, plastic/reconstructive surgery and abdominal surgery as well as urology, otolaryngology, endocrinology and gynecology.

Clinic de Valère Sion

location_onSwitzerland, Sion

Department of Cardiology

All over the world, the heart diseases comprise the leading cause of death. Our Cardiology and Interventional Surgery Center of Clinique de Valère jointly with an interdisciplinary team of highly qualified specialists offer a number of special procedures. Unlike other institutions, at our center the patients can benefit from interventional cardiology, like coronary angiography or coronary implants (stents).

Merian Iselin Clinic Basel

location_onSwitzerland, Basel

Department of Cardiology

The Department of Cardiology offers the full range of medical services for the diagnostics and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. The department operates modern Cardiac Catheterization Laboratories, in which doctors perform sparing interventional procedures to diagnose and treat cardiac pathologies. Medical care for patients is based on the use of the very latest treatment methods, for example, implantation of pacemakers, defibrillators, event recorders, stenting, etc. The department employs real professionals who guarantee the exceptional quality and effectiveness of treatment.

Hirslanden Clinic Belair Schaffhausen

location_onSwitzerland, Schaffhausen

Department of Internal Medicine

A Therapist, a specialist in internal medicine, has very broad medical knowledge about diseases suffered by adolescents, adults and older people. In addition, the therapist may offer a complete physical examination, which will help to identify disease at an early stage.