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Department of Hair Transplantation (609478)

Umut Yyukselen

Dr. med.

Umut Yyukselen

Specialized in: hair transplantation

About the Department of Hair Transplantation at Vita Estetic Clinic Istanbul

The Department of Hair Transplantation at the Vita Estetic Clinic Istanbul offers the full range of services for conservative alopecia treatment and hair transplantation services. The specialists of the department successfully perform such procedures as seamless hair transplantation using the FUE method, hair transplantation using the DHI method with a special Choi Pen, beard, mustache and eyebrow hair transplantation. The most popular and effective treatments are FUE and DHI. These procedures are performed under local anesthesia and the patients does not need to shave off their hair first. In addition, the transplanted hair looks natural. The department is headed by Dr. med. Umut Yyukselen.

The department mostly admits men, but women can also undergo all modern cosmetic procedures aimed at stimulating growth, healing and restoring hair of all types, as well as cosmetic services to improve the appearance and density of hair.

It is worth noting that the department has an excellent reputation not only throughout the country, but also far beyond its borders – hundreds of patients from Great Britain, Ireland, the USA and other developed countries of the world come here every year.

The main clinical focuses of the department include:

  • Seamless FUE hair transplantation. This is a microsurgical collection of hair follicles (grafts) from the donor site and their subsequent implantation without skin incisions. The follicles, consisting of 1-3 hairs, are individually removed from the back of the head or from other parts of the body. The surgical procedure is painless, under local anesthesia, and takes from one to three hours, depending on the number of donor grafts.
  • Sapphire FUE hair transplantation. When using this method, the donor grafts are also collected one by one with the use of sapphire microtips instead of metal ones. The Sapphire FUE technique is an improved version of the FUE procedure. It allows achieving greater hair density, creating a more natural appearance without damaging the scalp. Compared to conventional steel blades, the sapphire tips allow less fluid to be injected into the scalp, thus shortening the postoperative recovery period.
  • DHI hair transplantation. This method requires the use of a special instrument – the Choi Pen, which eliminates the need to pre-shape the skin channels for hair transplantation. After placing the donor hair in this pen, it is directly transplanted to the desired area. Thanks to this method, the channels in the skin strictly correspond to the size of the graft, which results in less trauma and less blood loss. This method allows for greater density and a more natural direction of hair growth.
  • Beard, mustache and eyebrow hair transplantation. Facial hair transplantation is a popular medical procedure not only for men, but also for women. This type of hair transplantation allows restoring the natural appearance, natural symmetry and density of eyebrows, beard and sideburns, as well as hide scars and imperfections.
  • Hair transplantation in women. In most cases, women resort to eyebrow hair transplantations in order to create a more aesthetic eyebrow line, as well as to correct the consequences of unsuccessful cosmetic procedures or scars. However, the department also specializes in hair transplantation for women in the scalp. The most common indications for scalp hair transplantation are the effects of chemotherapy and diffuse alopecia due to stress or other medical conditions.
  • Other hair transplantation methods

Curriculum vitae of Dr. med. Umut Yyukselen

Dr. med. Umut Yyukselen is the Head of the Department of Hair Transplantation at the Vita Estetic Clinic Istanbul. He specializes in FUE hair transplantation, including the Sapphire FUE instrument, DHI hair transplantation using the Choi Pen instrument. He also specializes in eyebrow and beard hair transplantation. He has performed more than 15,000 successful hair transplantation procedures. Before starting work at the Vita Estetic Clinic Istanbul, he worked at the Dora Clinic in Istanbul, Kadioglu Private Hospital, Ethics Clinic, Acibadem Medical Complex, Medical Park Hospital.


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Department of Hair Transplantation.
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