Academic Hospital Merheim Cologne

Cologne, Germany

Department of Radiotherapy

P. Niehoff Mam

Prof. Dr. med.

P. Niehoff Mam

Specialized in: radiology

Radiotherapy Department has two modern synergetic linear accelerators, the new equipment for afterloding and allows to implant radioactive source for prostate cancer, as well as intraoperative radiation for breast cancer. For the planning of radiation the systematic CT on the Toshiba Aquilion Large Bore setting with the largest 90 cm inlet is used.

The range of services of the Department includes irradiation, both in malignant and in benign tumor diseases. There are conducted all the modern radiation oncology treatments, such as IMRT, IGRT, IORT, brachytherapy, often in conjunction with radiochemical therapy. It is also possible to carry out stereotactic radiation and irradiation with breathing control. The main directions are malignant lung diseases, female breast and digestive organs diseases, brain tumors, head and neck tumors, gynecological and urological tumors.

The variety of available radiotherapy techniques suggests the possibility of different combinations, and thus ensures an optimal treatment of patients. Patient care is conducted by a friendly, motivated team of radiologists, trained on the specific requirements of dealing with cancer patients, consisting of medical-technical assistant radiologists, physicians and physicists.

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