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Department of Adult and Pediatric Urology (371105)

Dirk Weese

Dr. med.

Dirk Weese

Specialized in: adult and pediatric urology

About the department


The Department of Adult and Pediatric Urology at the Academic Hospital St. Elisabethen Lörrach offers the full service range in this medical field. The department specializes in the diagnostics, conservative and surgical treatment of diseases of the genitourinary tract in men, women and children. The department's doctors are members of the Lörrach-Rheinfelden Cancer Center and the Interdisciplinary Incontinence Center. The department performs more than 1,000 inpatient and 300 outpatient interventions every year. All diagnostic and therapeutic measures comply with the requirements of professional societies. The department is headed by Dr. Dirk Weese. 

Much attention is paid to the surgical treatment of cancers in men (open surgical techniques and endoscopic interventions), as well as to chemotherapy for the treatment of urological cancers. In addition, surgical procedures for the treatment of patients with urinary incontinence and kidney disease are of particular interest. The department has excellent therapeutic options, such as laser therapy (Green Light Laser), extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, SEED implantation (low-dose-rate brachytherapy), local radiation therapy, etc.

The range of conservative medical services of the department includes:

  • Outpatient services
    • Treatment of benign prostate diseases (benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis)
    • Treatment of acute and chronic inflammatory diseases of the kidneys, bladder and urethra
    • Treatment of inflammation of the testis and epididymis (epididymitis)
    • Treatment of kidney stone disease
    • Treatment of bladder dysfunction
      • Urinary incontinence
      • Overactive bladder
    • Treatment of male sexual dysfunction
      • Erectile dysfunction
      • Premature ejaculation
      • Sexually transmitted diseases
    • Treatment of male reproductive dysfunction
    • Treatment of pediatric urologic diseases
      • Nocturnal enuresis
      • Cryptorchidism (undescended testicle)
      • Phimosis (narrowing of the foreskin)
    • Treatment of cancers
      • Prostate cancer
      • Bladder, ureteral and kidney cancers
      • Testicular cancer
      • Penile cancer
    • Treatment of age-related complaints in men
    • Psychosomatic care
  • Inpatient services
    • Treatment of acute urologic diseases
    • Treatment of renal colic pain
    • Treatment of severe inflammatory diseases of the kidneys, prostate gland, testicles and epididymis
  • Other medical services

The department's range of surgical services includes:

  • Outpatient operations
    • Circumcision (in phimosis or at the request of the patient)
    • Sterilization (vasoligation)
    • Prostate biopsy
    • Inguinal hernia
    • Hydrocele
    • Removal of genital warts
    • Installation or replacement of the urethral catheter
    • Installation and replacement of the nephrostomy tube
  • Inpatient operations
    • Open surgery in benign prostate gland enlargement (transurethral resection of the prostate)
    • Kidney surgery in kidney tumors, contracted kidney, ureteric stenosis and kidney stones
    • Bladder surgeries in tumors, stones and diverticula
    • Testicular surgeries in tumors, undescended testes, hydrocele and torsion
    • Urethral surgery (including endoscopic and laser stone removal)
    • Female incontinence surgery
    • Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy
    • Laparoscopic surgery (kidney removal, varicocele ligation)
  • Other surgical procedures

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Department of Adult and Pediatric Urology.
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