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Department of Nuclear Medicine (403235)

Jae Seung Kim

M.D., Ph.D.

Jae Seung Kim

Specialized in: nuclear medicine

The Department of Nuclear Medicine at the Medical Center Asan stands for the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment of anatomical and physiological conditions of the human body using radiation from a radioactive isotope. The main areas of the department include in-vivo diagnostic imaging, in-vitro tests with radioactive isotopes as well as radioactive isotope therapy of oncological diseases such as thyroid cancer or bone metastatic cancer. The department is headed by Dr. Jae Seung Kim.

The department is the first medical institution in Korea, which has received a KSA ISO9001 from Korea Standard Association for "Medical Services in Nuclear Medicine and The Manufacturing of Radiopharmaceuticals".

Main areas of treatment performed by the department:

  • In-vivo diagnostic imaging
  • In-vitro tests with radioactive isotopes
  • Radioactive isotope therapy (e.g. in case of thyroid cancer or bone metastatic cancer)
  • Other radionuclide diagnostic and therapeutic options

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