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Asan Medical Center Seoul

location_onSouth Korea, Seoul
Asan Medical Center is Korea’s largest medical institution, with 1,600 physicians and surgeons, 3,100 nurses, 2,680 beds, and 67 operating rooms, occupying more than four million square feet (about 371,600 square meters). A typical day at AMC sees 2,500 inpatients and 10,000 outpatients treated. The treatment of heart dise

Amount of beds available: 2704
Inpatients yearly: 933000
Outpatients yearly: 4330000

Samsung Medical Center Seoul

location_onSouth Korea, Seoul
The Samsung Medical Center was founded in 1994 and soon won the reputation of a medical facility of presidential standards, which it still preserves today. The hospital has 40 departments, 10 specialized centers and a huge Cancer Center with 655 beds. The medical facility is equipped with advanced equipment (for example, a 32-ch

Amount of beds available: 1979
Inpatients yearly: 85208
Outpatients yearly: 2027211

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Hanyang University Medical Center Seoul

location_onSouth Korea, Seoul
The Hanyang University Medical Center was founded in 1972 and today is one of the largest and most advanced providers of medical services in Korea and around the world. The medical institution runs 9 specialized centers and 26 departments fitted out with state-of-the-art equipment. The most important component of successful trea

Amount of beds available: 828
Inpatients yearly: 680
Outpatients yearly: 234

Wooridul Hospital Seoul

location_onSouth Korea, Seoul
The Wooridul Hospital Seoul is a modern high-tech medical facility with a long tradition and the highest standards of medical care. The hospital is part of a network of medical facilities, the first of which was founded in Busan in 1982. The medical institution specializes in advanced diagnostics and effective treatment of the w

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