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Department of Radiology (403257)

Joon-Won Kang

M.D., Ph.D.

Joon-Won Kang

Specialized in: radiology

About the Department of Radiology at Asan Medical Center Seoul

The Department of Radiology at the Asan Medical Center uses all established imaging techniques such as X-ray radiography, ultrasound, CT, etc. to diagnose and/or treat diseases. The department brings together imaging specialists in seven divisions, with access to the latest equipment including ten CT, eight magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and four positron emission tomography (PET) scanners. Angiography is used for the diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases and liver cancer, and ultrasound for imaging the liver, gastrointestinal organs, thyroid and breast. Chief physician of the department is Dr. Joon-Won Kang.

The department is also a leader in interventional procedures using the latest techniques, such as percutaneous high-frequency radioablation under ultrasound induction, to treat hepatocellular carcinomas and thyroid lesions. Neurointerventional radiology uses minimally invasive, nonsurgical and nondestructive methods to treat neurovascular and nervous system diseases.

Around 400 staff including radiologists, physicians, image investigators, radiological technologists, nurses and other employees are engaged in imaging diagnosis and interventional procedures. All in all, specialists of the department performed more than 3 million imaging examinations and interventional procedures.

The range of services of the department:

  • Diagnostics with all established imaging techniques including CT, MRI, PET, ultrasonic equipment, vascular ultrasound units, fluoroscopic apparatus, mammography unit, etc.
  • Angiography for the diagnosis and treatment of vascular diseases, liver cancer, etc.
  • Interventional procedures using percutaneous high-frequency radioablation, etc.
  • Neurointerventional radiology for neurovascular and nervous system diseases
  • And other diagnostic and therapeutic options

Curriculum vitae of M.D., Ph.D. Joon-Won Kang


  • Doctor of Medicine, Seoul National University.
  • Master of Medicine, Seoul National University.
  • Bachelor of Medicine, Seoul National University.

Major Professional Experiences

  • Clinical fellowship in Radiology, UUCM AMC.
  • Residency in Radiology, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea.
  • Internship in Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea.

Photo of the doctor: (c) Asan Medical Center 

Department of Radiology.
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