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Department of Pediatric Orthopedics (303073)

Urs von Deimling

PD Dr. med.

Urs von Deimling

Specialized in: pediatric orthopedics

About the department

The Department of Pediatric Orthopedics at the Asklepios Children's Hospital Sankt Augustin offers the broadest options for the diagnostics and treatment of congenital acquired diseases of the musculoskeletal system in children. The specialists of the department use a special approach to treatment, which takes into account the characteristics of the children's body. The therapeutic options include conservative and surgical treatments. Due to the successful results of clinical practice, the department has the status of one of the best Pediatric Orthopedic Centers in Germany. The department is headed by PD Dr. med. Urs von Deimling.

The pediatric orthopedists of the department show excellent results in the treatment of spinal deformities, in particular scoliosis. The department specializes in the treatment of idiopathic, congenital and neuromuscular scoliosis. The choice of treatment method depends on the degree of curvature and maturity of the patient’s skeleton. In case of a mild spinal curvature, it is often possible to achieve successful results by using a special therapeutic corset. It must be worn full day (day and night), 23 of 24 hours. The success of therapy is monitored by the attending physician (as a rule, one should visit the doctor 1 time in 3 months). Once the desired result is achieved, the patient will gradually get used to life without a corset.

In case of more severe curvatures, the only effective treatment is surgery. Thanks to the use of the very latest intraoperative monitoring systems, the risk of damage to nerve endings is eliminated. As a rule, after the operation, the patient will stay in the hospital for about 2 weeks. The rehabilitation activities are usually not required. In addition, physiotherapeutic treatment plays an important role in the treatment of scoliosis.

Another priority focus of the department is the treatment of hip dysplasia. By congenital dysplasia is understood a violation of the formation of the hip joint associated with insufficient ossification of the acetabulum. In severe cases, the femoral head may shift relative to the acetabulum (in such cases, it is a hip dislocation). Depending on the severity of dysplasia and the development of the child, the optimal treatment method is chosen. In addition to conservative therapy, the department also offers surgical methods, su as open reposition, as well as surgical measures aimed at improving the condition of the joint.

The main clinical focuses of the department include:

  • Diagnostics and treatment (conservative and surgical) of scoliosis
    • Idiopathic scoliosis
    • Congenital scoliosis
    • Neuromuscular scoliosis
  • Diagnostics and treatment of hip dysplasia
    • Diagnostics
      • Ultrasound scan
      • Contrast-enhanced x-ray scan
    • Therapy
      • Conservative treatments
      • Surgical correction (open reposition, surgical correction of the femur and pelvis)
  • Diagnostics and treatment of limb length discrepancy
    • Epiphysiodesis (surgical intervention aimed at temporarily or permanently stopping of the growth of one of the lower extremities)
    • Placement of intramedullary lengthening nails
    • External fixation
  • Diagnostics and treatment of O-shaped and X-shaped lower limb deformities
    • Hemiepiphysiodesis
  • Diagnostics and treatment of Perthes disease
    • Diagnostics
      • Clinical examination
      • X-ray diagnostics
      • Magnetic resonance imaging
    • Therapy
      • Physiotherapy
      • Surgical treatment
  • Other medical services

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Department of Pediatric Orthopedics.
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