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Department of Radiology (389423)

Erwin Dubs


Erwin Dubs

Specialized in: radiology

About the Department of Radiology at ATOS Orthoparc Clinic Cologne

The Department of Radiology and MRI at the ATOS ORTHOPARC Clinic Cologne specializes in making / clarifying the diagnosis, as well as in the prompt detection of causes of the acute complaints with the help of high-resolution MRI scanning. The service range of the clinic is complemented by conventional X-ray diagnostics and ultrasound. The Chief Physician of the department is Dr. 
Erwin Dubs.

For many decades, two-dimensional radiography has been one of the proven methods for examining the musculoskeletal system. The department has at its arsenal digital X-ray machines with reduced radiation dose and instant X-ray images.

A distinctive feature of the department is its own state-of-the-art magnetic resonance tomograph with an ultrashort and wide tunnel (diameter 70 cm and length accounting for only 1,25 m). MRI diagnostics allows to obtain images of ideal quality without any radioactive exposure and the need to wait in line. For example, it is possible to obtain the most accurate pictures of tendons and ligaments, which are practically indistinguishable in X-ray diagnostics.

The MRI system that is used in the department combines 1,5 Tesla magnetic field and the innovative Tim® (Total Imaging Matrix) technology, which provides the ideal quality of images.

Curriculum vitae of Dr. Erwin Dubs

  • Since 2014 Head of the Department of MRI and X-ray Diagnostics at the ORTHOPARC Clinic.
  • 1983 - 2013 Private Practice in X-ray Diagnostics, Cologne-Chorweiler.
  • 1982 Specialist in Radiological Diagnostics, medical activities in the Radiological Diagnostics Centers in Düren, Neuss and Düsseldorf.
  • 1977 Medical License and Internship at the  Institute of Radiological Diagnostics, University of Cologne.
  • Until 1975 Medical activities in the field of pathology, internal medicine and x-ray diagnostics abroad.
  • 1968 State examination.

Photo of the doctor: (c) ATOS Orthoparc Klinik Köln 

Department of Radiology.
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