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Patients rooms

The Epilepsy Center Bethel offers the following age-specific accommodation options.

Adults are offered single and double rooms with bathroom, TV and telephone. Tea-kitchen and recreation rooms are also available. There are electronic seizure detection devices on the bed.

Young adults are offered single and double rooms with shared station kitchen, dining room, living room, recreation room and terrace. There is also an electronic seizure detection device on the bed and diverse leisure opportunities.

Rooms in the pediatric epileptology are under video-surveillance. In 6 rooms, there is also the possibility of video- surveillance for diagnostic purposes. Children are accommodated in double rooms. There is a wet cell in 2 rooms. For children up to 12 years, there is a station with 18 beds available, which has a day room and a playroom.


v. Bodelschwingh Foundation Bethel offers a pastoral care for patients, regardless of their religious affiliation or denomination. In addition, church services, celebrations of communion and blessings, which take place partly in rooms, are also offered.

Accompanying person

In general, the admittance of parents is also possible. Parents can stay in the patient room (“rooming in”) or in a separate building during the hospital stay of their child. In addition, the care team at the Epilepsy Center Bethel can help with the provision of private accommodation or hotels in Bethel or the surrounding area.

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