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Department of Ophthalmology (569802)

Detlef Deiermann

Dr. med.

Detlef Deiermann

Specialized in: ophthalmology

About the Department of Ophthalmology at Bundeswehr Hospital Berlin

The Department of Ophthalmology at the Bundeswehr Hospital Berlin offers accurate diagnostics of pathologies of the visual organ, as well as effective conservative treatment of diseases of the eye and its appendages. For these purposes, the medical facility has advanced equipment: a rotating HD camera for examining the cornea, devices for diagnosing fundus pathologies and measuring intraocular pressure, systems for examining visual fields, performing pachymetry, Heidelberg retinal tomography, optical coherence tomography, etc. The department has unique experience in the correction of visual defects using laser technologies and intraocular lens implantation. Prior to starting any therapy, doctors study the possible risks and choose the best treatment option adapted to the patient's needs and wishes. The department is headed by Dr. med. Detlef Deiermann.

Patients often come to the department with suspected refractive errors, the most common of which are myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. The specialists examine the patient's eye and assess visual acuity, after which they select the optimal type of refractive error correction. In most cases, the doctors select glasses or contact lenses for the patient. If these methods are not suitable, laser eye surgery becomes an option of choice.

The department is equipped with modern laser technologies, including an argon laser and a YAG laser. Argon laser systems can achieve an effective result in the treatment of retinal vein occlusion and retinopathy.

Some eye diseases can affect other organs and anatomical structures of the human body, so the department's specialists cooperate closely with the Departments of Internal Medicine, Otolaryngology, Neurology, Neurosurgery and Dermatology, thereby providing their patients with interdisciplinary medical care.

Thanks to unique qualifications, state-of-the-art equipment and an interdisciplinary approach, the department's ophthalmologists manage to improve the patient's vision even in complex clinical cases or prevent the progression of the pathology, thereby preserving the patient's vision.

The department's diagnostic and therapeutic range of services includes:

  • Diagnostics
    • Optical coherence tomography (OCT) to visualize retinal layers, especially in glaucoma and macular degeneration
    • Heidelberg retinal tomography for the analysis of optic nerve fibers in the advanced diagnostics of glaucoma
    • Digital image analysis and photo documentation of the anterior and posterior segments of the eye, corneal measurement using a special high resolution camera (Pentacam HR)
    • Visual field testing (computer-assisted and manual perimetry)
    • Twilight vision, night vision and eye sensitivity to light testing, as well as an assessment of color vision using an anomaloscope and color charts (Ishihara/Velhagen/Farnsworth)
    • Intraocular pressure measurement (Goldmann tonometer, PASCAL Dynamic Contour non-contact tonometer)
    • Ultrasound scanning, ultrasound biomicroscopy, pachymetry (corneal thickness measurement)
    • Diagnostics of strabismus and eye movement disorders
    • Special vision diagnostics for pilots, divers, sports boat drivers, allowing to obtain a certain category of driving license
  • Treatment
    • Correction of myopia and farsightedness, including age-related ones, astigmatism
    • Laser therapy: argon laser and YAG laser
    • Eyelid and corneal outpatient surgery (intraocular surgery, such as retinal or cataract interventions are not performed in the department)
    • Selection of the proper lens shape with computerized corneal measurement
    • Specialized consultations on refractive eye surgery, glaucoma therapy, contact lenses
  • Other medical services

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Department of Ophthalmology.
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