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Department of Pulmonology - Clinic de Genolier Genolier

Clinic de Genolier Genolier

Genolier, Switzerland
Department id # 603906
Doctor photo
Dr. med. Samir Lahzami
Department of Pulmonology
Specialized in: pulmonology

About the Department of Pulmonology at Clinic de Genolier Genolier

The Department of Pulmonology at the Clinic de Genolier Genolier offers the full range of medical services for patients with respiratory diseases. The department's specialists also offer consultations for patients with breathing-related sleep disorders. The therapeutic options are complemented by pulmonological rehabilitation programs, which are developed on the basis of long clinical experience of the competent doctors. The Chief Physician of the department is Dr. med. Samir Lahzami.

Since the key to the successful treatment is accurate diagnostics, the department has advanced medical equipment, which allows the doctors to promptly carry out the necessary diagnostic tests, including radiography, bronchoscopy, pulmonary diffusing capacity measurement, CT and PET scanning of the lungs, night polygraphy for sleep assessment.

The X-ray methods help to effectively detect such diseases as pulmonary emphysema, pneumonia, bronchial asthma, etc. Bronchoscopy is performed under general anesthesia. This procedure is prescribed for suspected tuberculosis and malignancies. Bronchoscopy is also an effective method to extract a foreign body from the respiratory tract. Computed tomography serves to assess the treatment success in lung diseases, while positron emission tomography can detect lung malignancies at the initial stage.

The treatment is provided using modern highly effective drugs. With appropriate indications, oxygen therapy or mechanical ventilation can be performed. The department's doctors also cooperate closely with the Department of Thoracic Surgery in order to provide each patient with the comprehensive treatment.

The department's range of medical services includes:

  • Diagnostics and treatment of bronchial asthma
  • Diagnostics and treatment of pneumonia
  • Diagnostics and treatment of chronic bronchitis
  • Diagnostics and treatment of pleurisy
  • Diagnostics and treatment of pneumothorax
  • Diagnostics and treatment of malignancies of the respiratory system
  • Diagnostics and treatment of tuberculosis
  • Diagnostics and treatment of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  • Diagnostics and treatment of lung cysts
  • Diagnostics and treatment of snoring
  • Diagnostics and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea
  • Diagnostics and treatment of other pulmonary diseases

Curriculum vitae

Professional Career

  • Since 2015 Work in the Department of Pulmonology at the Clinic de Genolier Genolier.
  • 2012 - 2014 Head of the Department of Pulmonology at the University Hospital Lausanne.
  • 2010 - 2011 Assistant Physician, Department of Pulmonology, Hospital Rolle and University Hospital Lausanne.
  • 2008 - 2009 Research Fellow at the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research, Sydney, Australia.
  • 2007 Deputy Head of the Department of Internal Medicine, Hôpital de Saint-Loup.
  • 2005 - 2007 Assistant Physician, Department of Internal Medicine, University Hospital Lausanne.
  • 2002 - 2005 Assistant Physician, Department of Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Surgery, Clinical Pharmacology, Hospital Yverdon, Hospital Monthey, Hospital Aigle, University Hospital Geneva and the Cantonal Hospital Fribourg.

Higher Education and Postgraduate Training

  • 2012 Board certification in Pulmonology and Internal Medicine, Swiss Medical Association (FMH).
  • 2011 Doctoral Degree in Medicine (Award in Biology and Medicine), University of Lausanne.
  • 1995 - 2002 Federal Diploma in Medicine, University of Lausanne.

Memberships in Professional Societies

  • European Respiratory Society.
  • Swiss Society for Pulmonology.
  • Swiss Medical Association (FMH).
  • Medical Association of Canton of Vaud.

Photo of the doctor: (c) Clinique de Genolier