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Swiss clinics are known for providing the medical care of "golden" European standard. Moreover, healthcare in Switzerland can be combined with the relaxation. For example, Les Hauts de Genolier, which is a residence for guests that offers health care, is unique to Switzerland: it is a perfect combination of the first class hotel and medical services provided by Genolier clinic. Well-designed apartments of "Les Hauts de Genolier" are located in a cozy corner in a stunning environment offering breathtaking views of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc. Here the patients can enjoy the privacy and comfort, and be completely safe. What is our main goal? We provide you a pleasant place for living and well-being, an opportunity to do the best for your activities, our care, and the convenience to have high-quality medical services using modern technologies. You can check this out for yourself at our website. We wish you a pleasant stay.

About the city

Many Swiss cities are very cozy and rich in tourist attractions. One of such cities is Genolier, a political commune in Switzerland. Notre-Dame, a famous parish church, was first mentioned in 1110. The single-span building combines the elements of Gothic and Romanesque style. The facade was decorated in 1526. At the main square of the village there is a well built in 1832, and in the central part of the village, some peasant houses have preserved, which were typical in the 18th and 19th centuries.

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