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Department of Gynecology and Mammalogy (223)

Nina Combaz-Söhnchen

Dr. med.

Nina Combaz-Söhnchen

Specialized in: gynecology, mammology

To effectively treat the female diseases and breast diseases, Clinique de Valère offers a variety of treatment methods available in gynecological medicine and surgery. Thanks to the modern equipment and the best professionals that can be found within the clinic teams, the gynecological surgery evolved into a comprehensive multi-disciplinary practice. Gynecologists, surgeons, urologists and plastic surgeons use their experience and professional knowledge to effectively treat the female diseases. Our Female Clinic offers the treatment in the following areas: infertility (more than 15 years of experience), endoscopy, conventional surgery, oncology, senology. Following the policy of minimal invasion, the experts in endoscopic gynecological surgery in our clinic regularly perform hysteroscopy and laparoscopy. These technologies minimize surgical traumas. Revolutionary equipment provides effective treatment of female diseases and breast diseases in accordance with the latest operational techniques, involving the constantly developing peer network of doctors and keeping trustworthy relationship between a patient and her doctor. In the course of senological treatment, the gynecologists and plastic surgeons do everything in their power to restore the breast. All gynecological surgeries, such as outpatient treatment or complex operations, are performed with the guarantee of safety ensured by our skilled and friendly staff, anesthesiologists, operating assistants and nurses.


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