Meningioma of Brain: The Best Hospitals in Germany for Comprehensive Treatment

Meningioma is a mostly benign brain tumor. It is malignant only in 1.7% of cases. In other cases, the neoplasm is characterized by slow growth and a favorable clinical course. Meningioma can be observed twice more often among the women than men. Meningioma can be detected at any age, but most often it can develop after the age of 45. Only 1.5 % of all cases happen among children.


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Meningioma of brain – Diagnostics

The following instrumental methods of diagnostics are used to visualize the neoplasm:

  • Craniography. Skull X-ray helps to detect meningioma in 40% of patients. This is the preliminary  examination that a doctor may prescribe for a patient with the complaints of headache and other non-specific symptoms.
  • Computed tomography. CT is a radiological method of the examination, which allows to receive the images of several sections of the skull. The sensitivity of the method is very high. CT helps to detect a meningioma in 96% of cases. The specificity of the method is 93%. Rarely, meningioma can be misdiagnosed with the metastatic cancer, glioblastoma, or lymphoma.
  • CT with contrast. Only in 4% of cases, the meningioma can’t be detected by usual CT. In such cases, a contrast agent is used, which is injected intravenously. It accumulates in the meningioma tissues and rises its density.
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). MRI has even higher diagnostic value than CT does. But it is more rarely used because of the high price of the method and low availability. Many clinics just don’t have the appropriate equipment to perform such examination. MRI helps not only to identify a meningioma, but also to define its histological type.
  • Angiography. An invasive X-ray examination which involves the injection of a contrast agent into the brain vessels. It is used only as a preparation before the surgery as it gives a chance to identify the sources of meningioma blood supply. MRI carries the risk of complications, so it’s not always used.


Best clinics for the meningioma of brain diagnostics in Germany:


University Hospital Bergmannsheil Bochum

University Hospital Bergmannsheil Bochum


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University Hospital Duesseldorf

University Hospital Duesseldorf


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Meningioma of brain – Treatment

Meningioma is removed during the surgery. The removal can be partial or complete one. Partial removal gives worse results, as a tumor recurrence can occur.

The complete removal of meningioma is not always possible. Sometimes it penetrates into the functionally significant parts of the brain.

Other treatment methods are rarely performed:

  • Stereotactic radiosurgery is used when the tumor is located in the hard to reach place and its diameter is less than 3.5 cm
  • Stereotactic radiotherapy is used after surgical treatment for the rest of the tumor in order to reduce the risk of recurrence
  • Chemotherapy is used only in case of malignant meningiomas and its not used in case of benign tumor treatment


Best clinics for the meningioma of brain treatment in Germany:


Gamma Knife and Radiotherapy Center Krefeld

Gamma Knife and Radiotherapy Center Krefeld

Radiotherapy by meningioma


Hannover Medical School (MHH)

Hannover Medical School (MHH)

Radiotherapy by meningioma


Surgical treatment of meningioma with resection


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Meningioma of brain – Rehabilitation

The most modern rehabilitation programs are used in Germany. They are adapted individually for each patient, and are based on the disease stage, age, physical possibilities, and the results of treatment. Different specialists such as: therapists, neurologists, psychologists, rehabilitators, kinesiotherapists, physiotherapists are involved in the rehabilitation process.

The following methods of rehabilitation are used:

  • Dosed physical activity
  • Training on the simulators and in the pool
  • Individual orthoses
  • Physiotherapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Manual therapy
  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation
  • Natural factors of the nature (mud, thermal waters, etc.)
  • Individual or group therapy with a psychologist

Rehabilitation may include medicamentous support. It is necessary to hold a consultation with the patient about the proper nutrition and the way of life which is important for him in the current situation.

Rehabilitation programs in Germany are designed for 2 weeks. If necessary, they can last much longer. In this country, the patient is provided with qualitative care, accommodation in comfortable rooms and individually selected meals.

Rehabilitation programs in Germany show one of the best results in the world. Most patients successfully restore their working capacity and excellent health there. They remain physically active, return to the full social and family life.


Best clinics for neurological rehabilitation in Germany:


Neurological Rehabilitation Clinic Godeshöhe Bonn

Neurological Rehabilitation Clinic Godeshöhe Bonn

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