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Department of Angiology and Cardiology - DKD HELIOS Clinic Wiesbaden

DKD HELIOS Clinic Wiesbaden

Wiesbaden, Germany
Department id # 25816
Doctor photo
Dr. med. Martina Lukas
Department of Angiology and Cardiology
Specialized in: angiology, cardiology

About the Department of Angiology and Cardiology at DKD HELIOS Clinic Wiesbaden

The Department of Angiology and Cardiology at the DKD HELIOS Clinic Wiesbaden provides the full range of medical services in these areas. The department's doctors focus on the patients with diseases of the arteries, veins and lymphatic vessels, as well as on the patients suffering from pathologies of the cardiovascular system. In the field of cardiology, key attention is paid to the comprehensive diagnostics of the heart and the prevention of cardiovascular diseases. The team of angiologists specializes in the diagnostics and treatment of atherosclerosis, obliterating endarteritis, vasculitides, microcirculatory disorders, thrombosis, varicose veins and other vascular diseases. The specialists working in the department have at their disposal state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment that allows them to detect the slightest pathological changes and elaborate the most effective treatment regimen based on the patient's individual clinical indications. In addition, the department provides medical check-ups for the patients with pacemakers and defibrillators. A highly qualified team of professional doctors provides medical care in accordance with the latest clinical protocols. The Chief Physician of the department is Dr. med. Martina Lukas.

The department's team of doctors conducts diagnostics and conservative treatment of various vascular diseases. In this medical field, special attention is given to the prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis, which most often affects the vessels of the lower extremities. The doctors working in the department conduct diagnostic examinations and consultations, during which they recommend that patients give preference to a healthy diet and regularly do dosed physical exercises. If the patient is diagnosed with pathology, the doctor elaborates for him an individual treatment plan. The basis of atherosclerosis therapy is the intake of a specially selected complex of drugs. The patient also has to correct the diet and change from a sedentary lifestyle to a more active one. The last-line treatment is surgery, but it is performed only if conservative methods are ineffective.

The department often admits patients with deep vein thrombosis of the lower extremities. The disease is characterized by the formation of blood clots (thrombi) in the lumen of the deep veins of the lower extremities. The formation of blood clots disrupts normal blood flow, which leads to a deficiency of oxygen and nutrients in the tissues of the lower extremities. Without timely treatment, the disease can lead to severe and irreversible complications. To make a diagnosis, the department's doctors usually perform a clinical examination and a duplex ultrasound scanning. If confirmed, the angiologists of the department apply all the necessary therapeutic measures to slow down the progression of the pathological process. The therapeutic options include drug treatment with anticoagulants (drugs that reduce blood clotting) and compression therapy.

The specialists in the field of cardiology are responsible for the comprehensive diagnostics of the cardiovascular system. The department's diagnostic rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art devices for electrocardiography, echocardiography, duplex sonography of the neck vessels, Holter ECG monitoring, 24-hour blood pressure monitoring and other tests. The most common complaints include shortness of breath, palpitations, extrasystoles (a feeling of an interruption in the work of the heart), chest pain, fainting and dizziness. Whenever required, doctors from related specialties can be involved in the diagnostic process. After studying the diagnostic results, doctors make an accurate diagnosis and appoint an effective course of treatment. The department's experts specialise only in conservative treatment.

The department's range of medical services includes:

  • Angiology
    • Diagnostic tests
      • Ultrasound examinations, including those with contrast enhancement
      • Catheter angiography
      • Phlebography
    • Treatment methods
      • Drug treatment with innovative drugs
      • Dietary adjustments to lower cholesterol levels
      • Compression therapy
  • Cardiology
    • Diagnostic tests
      • Exercise electrocardiography
      • Echocardiography
      • Ultrasound scanning of the vessels of the neck (duplex sonography)
      • ECG Holter monitoring
      • Tilt table test
      • Follow-up examinations for patients with implanted pacemakers and defibrillators
    • Treatment methods
      • Drug treatment with innovative drugs
      • Lifestyle modification to prevent the development of heart disease in high-risk patients (dietary adjustments, dosed physical activities, quitting bad habits – smoking, drinking alcohol, etc.)
  • Other diagnostic and therapeutic options

Photo of the doctor: (c) DKD Helios Klinik Wiesbaden