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Department of Adult and Pediatric Urology, Andrology (25833)

Mario Domeyer

Dr. med.

Mario Domeyer

Specialized in: adult and pediatric urology, andrology

About the Department of Adult and Pediatric Urology, Andrology at DKD HELIOS Clinic Wiesbaden

The Department of Adult and Pediatric Urology, Andrology at the DKD HELIOS Clinic Wiesbaden offers the full range of services for the diagnostics and treatment of diseases of the urinary system in men and women, pathologies of the male genitalia, as well as male infertility, erectile dysfunction and endocrine disorders of the male reproductive system. The key focus is on the treatment of prostate, kidney and bladder cancers. The department specializes in endoscopic urological surgery. In addition, the department provides effective treatment of urological diseases in children. Depending on the complexity of the clinical case, the treatment can be either inpatient or outpatient. All diagnostic and therapeutic procedures are performed in accordance with modern clinical protocols and current recommendations of the professional societies. Special attention should be given to the high professionalism of the department's urologists who competently use progressive therapeutic methods for the treatment of especially complex pathologies, thanks to which patients have an opportunity to restore their health and live a full life. The department is headed by Dr. med. Mario Domeyer.

The focus of the department's urologists is on the patients with prostate cancer. This disease is one of the most common in clinical practice of the specialists. The standard diagnostic protocol for confirming the diagnosis includes palpation and transrectal ultrasound examination, as well as determination of the PSA levels in the blood. Magnetic resonance imaging and biopsy are often required to obtain a complete clinical picture. In most cases, the treatment of prostate cancer involves a surgical removal of the tumor, while at the advanced stages of oncology – radical removal of the prostate. Whenever possible, doctors perform surgery using sparing minimally invasive techniques. In most cases, surgery is combined with chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy.

The department's medical team also provides diagnostics and modern treatment of testicular, kidney and bladder cancers. The treatment regimen is developed for each patient individually. The main treatment method is mostly surgical resection of the tumor. To completely destroy cancer cells, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and other conservative methods are additionally used. The department's urologists prefer sparing and organ-preserving surgical interventions.

In the field of andrology, the main focus is on the detection of the causes of male infertility and their elimination, as well as on the treatment of erectile dysfunction, diagnostics and treatment of hormonal disorders in men.

An integral part of the clinical activities of the specialists is the diagnostics and treatment of urological pathologies in children. The diagnostic options in the field of pediatric urology include high-resolution ultrasound, Doppler sonography, digital X-ray examination and endoscopic procedures. The department provides both conservative and surgical treatment. The specialists of a medical facility mostly admit young patients with phimosis, undescended testicles, hypospadias, enuresis and recurrent infectious diseases of the genitourinary system.

The department's range of medical services includes:

  • Diagnostics and treatment of urologic cancers
    • Prostate cancer
      • Drug therapy
      • Surgical resection of the tumor (organ-preserving, laparoscopic and radical interventions)
    • Testicular cancer
      • Drug therapy
      • Surgical resection of the tumor (organ-preserving, laparoscopic and radical interventions)
    • Kidney cancer
      • Drug therapy
      • Surgical resection of the tumor (organ-preserving, laparoscopic and radical interventions)
    • Bladder cancer
      • Drug therapy
      • Surgical resection of the tumor (organ-preserving, laparoscopic and radical interventions)
      • Formation of a new bladder (for example, from iliac tissue)
  • Diagnostics and treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia
    • Drug therapy
    • Monopolar and bipolar transurethral resection of the prostate 
    • Laser treatment (Greenlight laser)
  • Diagnostics and treatment of kidney stone disease
    • Shock wave lithotripsy
    • Ureteroscopy
    • Endoscopic and laser stone removal
    • Percutaneous nephrolitholapaxy
  • Diagnostics and treatment of urinary incontinence
    • Drug therapy
    • Endoscopic Botox injections into the bladder sphincter through the urethra
    • Minimally invasive interventions
    • Artificial urinary sphincter implantation
  • Diagnostics and treatment of andrological diseases
    • Treatment of erectile dysfunction
    • Treatment of infertility
    • Treatment of hormonal disorders in men
    • Vasectomy
  • Diagnostics and treatment of urological diseases in children
    • Drug therapy
    • Diagnostics and therapeutic endoscopic interventions
    • Reconstructive plastic surgery of the external reproductive organs
    • Circumcision
  • Other services

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Department of Adult and Pediatric Urology, Andrology.
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