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Department of Dermatology (535044)

Emine Derviş

Prof. Dr. med.

Emine Derviş

Specialized in: dermatology

About the Department of Dermatology at Gaziosmanpasa Hospital of Yeniyuzyil University

The Department of Dermatology at the Gaziosmanpasa Hospital of Yeniyuzyil University offers the full range of prevention, diagnostics and treatment of diseases of the skin, hair, nails, allergic reactions, sexually transmitted diseases, as well as cosmetic problems. The Chief Physician of the department is Prof. Dr. med. Emine Derviş.

The department is equipped with the advanced medical technologies, for example, devices for computer-assisted dermoscopy, PUVA therapy, laser systems, which provide optimal treatment results. The computer dermoscopy device is used to diagnose and monitor moles, birthmarks and malignant skin tumors.

The PUVA therapy is offered in the department for the treatment of psoriasis, chronic or extensive skin diseases. Such therapy is a recognized international standard, because it has several advantages. For example, it does not require oral drug administration, it can be used during pregnancy and lactation. It is absolutely safe for children, and if used in combination with other treatment methods it increases their effectiveness and contributes to the patient's speedy recovery.

The service range of the department includes:

  • Laser skin treatment techniques
  • PUVA therapy
  • Moxibustion
  • Cryotherapy
  • Chemical peeling (treatment of age spots and acne)
  • Injections of Botox and other filling materials (fillers)
  • Procedures to remove ingrown nails
  • Computer-assisted dermoscopy
  • Drug therapy
  • Use of special gels, ointments, creams
  • Phototherapy
  • Detox treatment methods
  • Other medical services

Curriculum vitae of Prof. Dr. med. Emine Derviş

Education and Professional Experience

  • 1986 School of Medicine, Trakya University.
  • 1986 - 1991 Medical Faculty, Istanbul University, Department of Dermatology, Cerrahpaşa Hospital.
  • 1991 - 2011 Department of Dermatology, Haseki Training and Research Hospital.
  • 1991 - 2002 Gaziosmanpasa Hospital of Yeniyuzyil University.
  • 2011 - 2015 Department of Dermatology, School of Medicine, Kafkas Unıversity.


  • Association of Skin and Venereal Diseases.
  • Turkish Society of Dermatology.
  • Istanbul Medical Association.

Medical Interests

  • Psoriasis.
  • Nevus.
  • Skin tumors.
  • Eczema.
  • Allergic skin diseases.
  • Acne.
  • Hair and nail diseases.

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Department of Dermatology.
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