Hannover Medical School

Hannover, Germany

Department of Orthopedics

Henning Windhagen

Prof. Dr. med.

Henning Windhagen

Specialized in: orthopedics

Orthopedic Clinic at the Medical University in Hanover in St. Anne Foundation is one of the largest and most prestigious orthopedic clinics in Germany. With the help of recognized experts in the field of spine surgery, specialized joint replacement, deformity correction, surgery of the hip, knee and shoulder, podiatry, pediatric and neuroorthopedy can optimally meet the patients’ needs. In 2012, St. Anne’s Foundation registered a total of 31,289 patients. 6,000 of them were hospitalized.
The clinic offers a full range of treatments and refers patients to the following departments: reconstructive orthopedics of joints and joint replacement, spine surgery and conservative orthopedics, shoulder, knee and sports orthopedics, surgery of feet and ankles, pediatric orthopedics and neuroorthopedy, anesthesia and intensive care, as well as research biomechanics.

The anesthesia and intensive care department focuses on the post-operative and pain relief therapy. Approximately 1,500 patients per year receive a pain catheter before the surgery here, i.e. a thin tube through which the analgesic drugs are introduced continuously and which can remain inside the patient for several days after surgery. The painkillers are administered through an electronic pump which can be actuated by the patient.

Care is also a part of the clinic healthcare services. It promotes professional care to the patients during their stay at the clinic, so that they received as good services as possible. This means that the care segment is working continuously at improvement of services offered to the patient. Meanwhile the clinic focuses on the state of the art of care science and integrates new knowledge and guidelines into the daily schedule.

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