Hannover Medical School

Hannover, Germany

Department of Plastic, Aesthetic, Hand Surgery and Reconstructive Surgery

Peter M. Vogt

Prof. Dr. med.

Peter M. Vogt

Specialized in: plastic surgery, aesthetic surgery, hand surgery a reconstructive surgery

Clinic of plastic, aesthetic, hand surgery and reconstructive surgery. The team of professionals of the clinic of plastic, aesthetic, hand surgery and reconstructive surgery offers a full range of modern plastic and aesthetic surgery, hand surgery and reconstructive surgery and burn treatment. The patient receives a detailed personal consultation on all aspects of its illness or the desired surgery. Like an international university hospital, this clinic can prepare the patient’s treatment plan in accordance with the latest scientific achievements.
Cosmetic surgery serves for correction of errors based on the individual patient.

Thus, the surgical correction of visible infringement of forms to which the patient complains can improve the patient’s state of health significantly. Before surgery, the patient receives a detailed advice in the clinic. The consultation determines the scope of surgery and surgical procedures.
In many cases, the amputated hand or detached forearm can be reimplanted.

To do this, a highly specialized team of doctors is working 24 hours a day in the Medical University of Hannover. This team consists of surgeons conducting hand surgeries, traumatologists, anesthetists, intensive care physicians and radiologists. Once a person comes to the emergency room, s/he is immediately examined by the rescue team to determine the extent of damage.

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