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Department of Gynecology, Mammology and Obstetrics (229747)

Peter Hillemanns

Prof. Dr. med.

Peter Hillemanns

Specialized in: gynecology, mammology, obstetrics

The Department of Gynecology, Mammology and Obstetrics at the Hannover Medical School under the lead of Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. Peter Hillemanns offers the maximum range of services in the field of gynecology and obstetrics. Main areas are the following: gynecological cancer, gynecological dysplasia unit, operative gynecology, reconstructive microsurgery, obstetrics, family-friendly maternity clinic. The diseases of mammary glands are treated within the certified of the Mammology Center.

According to the FOCUS-list 2017, the Department of Gynecology, Mammology ranks among the best clinics in Germany specializing in the field of obstetrics and breast cancer treatment.

The Mammology Center specializes primarily on operative treatment of malignant breast diseases. All in all, 3 treatment options are offered: breast-preserving surgeries, complete removal of mammary gland and removal of mammary gland in combination with reconstruction (immediately or at a later date). Specialists of the Department always try to preserve the breast and remove only the tumor. In doing so, the local tumor control and chances of being cured must not be put at risk. Besides, the breast-preserving treatment also requires radiotherapy of breast. In 70% of all cases, mammary gland can be operated with a breast-preserving approach.

Another main aspect of the Department is the Center for Gynecological Oncology (certified by the German Cancer Aid). The Center has a special expertise primarily in the field of ovarian, uterine or cervical cancer. Within the Center, interdisciplinary tumor boards are held weekly, in which the medical results of patients based on the CT-images are discussed and individual treatment plans are elaborated. Therapeutic recommendations meet the latest scientific findings and include associated diseases and specific life conditions of women.

Main areas of the Department of Gynecology, Mammology and Obstetrics:

  • Mammology center
  • Gynecological Cancer Center
    • Operative gynecological oncology
    • Tumor boards
    • Postoperative treatments
  • Gynecological dysplasia unit
  • Medicinal oncology
  • Cancer counseling / psychooncology
  • Urogynecology / Pelvic Floor Center
  • Operative gynecology
  • Center for endometriosis
  • Gynecological endocrinology and desire to have children
  • Reconstructive microsurgery
  • Prenatal medicine (MVZ)
  • Obstetrics / delivery room
  • Classes / courses for parents
  • Institute of traditional Chinese medicine

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