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Department of Radiation Therapy and Radiation Oncology (687653)

Michael Daum-Marzian

Dr. med.

Michael Daum-Marzian

Specialized in: radiation therapy, radiation oncology

About the Department of Radiation Therapy and Radiation Oncology at HELIOS Clinic Krefeld

The Department of Radiation Therapy and Radiation Oncology at the HELIOS Clinic Krefeld provides all the modern types of radiation therapy at the highest level. The department's doctors work on advanced medical equipment, due to which they can effectively irradiate pathological foci, while ensuring minimal impact on the adjacent healthy tissues. The key focus in clinical practice is on the treatment of malignant diseases of various localization. In addition, the specialists have successful experience in the treatment of chronic pain in joints and bones, which significantly impair the quality of life of a person by limiting his mobility. Supportive radiation therapy is also within the competence of the department's radiation therapists. Prior to any radiation therapy, it is carefully planned taking into account the results of computed tomography. The radiation dose and the duration of the course of treatment are individually selected for each patient, since each clinical case requires a special approach. After radiation therapy, the patient undergoes regular follow-up diagnostic examinations to avoid cancer recurrence. The Chief Physician of the department is Dr. med. Michael Daum-Marzian.

At the initial consultation, the doctor studies the patient's history and diagnostic results to determine if it is reasonable to use radiation therapy. Prior to prescribing radiation therapy, the patient receives full information about the process of treatment, the predicted result and possible side effects. The next step is to plan the course of treatment based on the results of computed tomography (often with contrast enhancement). In addition, radiation therapy planning involves a tailored production of special devices for positioning the patient during irradiation. The number of radiation sessions depends on the type of tumor, the stage of cancer, and the goals of therapy. As a rule, the duration of the course of treatment is 5-8 weeks. The treatment sessions are carried out every day, except weekends. The irradiation itself takes only a few minutes, while most of the time is spent on positioning the patient and adjusting the equipment. 10-14 days after the completion of the course of radiation therapy, the attending physician evaluates the final result.

The department keeps pace with innovations in medicine, and therefore it can offer the very latest types of radiation therapy available only in the best medical centers in Germany and throughout Europe. One of these advanced types of irradiation is RapidArc radiation therapy. This type of radiation therapy is distinguished by the highest precision in the selection of the optimal dose of radiation, as well as by the fact that during the procedure the maximum dose of radiation is aimed at the pathological focus. Thus, the specialists manage to avoid damage to adjacent healthy tissues, which minimizes the side effects typical for radiation therapy. RapidArc technology is the optimal treatment option for deep and hard-to-reach tumors, such as prostate tumors, head and neck tumors. In addition, the innovative RapidArc radiation therapy significantly reduces the duration of the treatment course, which lasts only a few weeks. The indisputable advantages of the RapidArc technique are excellent tolerability and high efficiency of therapy.

The department's primary focus is on the treatment of malignant diseases, but radiation therapists also specialize in radiation therapy for chronic joint, bone and soft tissue pain. The doctors use lower doses of radiation in the treatment of pain syndromes than they do for cancer. The numerous clinical tests and long experience of the department's specialists prove that this alternative type of treatment is very effective, since many patients manage to get rid of pain for a long time and significantly improve mobility. The department's doctors successfully carry out X-ray therapy for such diseases as heel spurs, achillodynia, Dupuytren's contracture, large and small joint arthritis, frozen shoulder, golfer's elbow and tennis elbow.

The department's range of medical services includes:

  • Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT)
  • Image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT)
  • Brachytherapy
  • Intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT)
  • Chemoradiation therapy
  • Palliative radiation therapy
  • X-ray therapy for chronic pain in joints, bones and soft tissues
  • Other therapeutic options

Curriculum vitae of Dr. med. Michael Daum-Marzian

Higher Education and Professional Career

  • 1999 Admission to medical practice.
  • 2003 Doctoral thesis defense.
  • 2005 Board certification in Radiation Oncology.
  • 2015 Board certification in Palliative Medicine.
  • 2009 Senior Physician in the Department of Adult and Pediatric Radiation Therapy at the University Hospital Duesseldorf.
  • 2011 Chief Physician in the Department of Radiation Therapy at the Evangelical Hospital Gelsenkirchen.
  • Since 2011 Chief Physician in the Department of Radiation Therapy and Radiation Oncology at the HELIOS Clinic Krefeld.

Clinical Interest

  • High-precision radiation therapy (stereotaxy).
  • Sparing multi-field radiation therapy (intensity modulated radiation therapy, RapidArc radiation therapy).
  • Image-guided radiation therapy (IGRT).
  • Respiratory gating radiation therapy.
  • Intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT).
  • Brachytherapy (afterloading).
  • Chemotherapy and antibody therapy.
  • Palliative care.

Memberships in Professional Societies

  • German Society for Radiation Oncology.
  • German Society for Pediatric Oncology and Hematology.
  • German Cancer Society.

Photo of the doctor: (c) Helios Klinikum Krefeld

Department of Radiation Therapy and Radiation Oncology.
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