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Pediatric neurological rehabilitation (program ID: 251483)

Ulf Hustedt

Dr. med.

Ulf Hustedt

Department of Pediatric Neurological Rehabilitation

Specialized in: pediatric neurorehabilitation

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The Department of Pediatric Neurological Rehabilitation at the HELIOS Clinic Hattingen is headed by Dr. med. Ulf Hustedt. It treats patients of all age groups from infancy to young adults with motor or intellectual disorders, e.g., after the following diseases:

  • Brain damage due to injuries / traumatic brain injury
  • Brain damage from lack of oxygen (hypoxia)
  • Brain damage due to inflammation
  • Cerebral hemorrhage / stroke
  • Brain tumor
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Neuromuscular disease
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Congenital malformation of the nervous system (such as spina bifida)
  • Orthopedic corrective surgery (for example, in case of hip dislocation, curvature of the spine)
  • Burns

The aim of the rehabilitation treatment is the reduction or regression of the disease-related functional disorders in order to give the patients an independent life and to lay the foundations for a normal development of physical and mental abilities.

The following symptoms can be detected as well:

  • Spastic or flaccid paralysis of the extremities
  • Balance disorders
  • Disorders of fine motor skills
  • Speech and language disorders
  • Swallowing disorders
  • Impaired memory and concentration
  • Poor understanding and
  • comprehension of visual and auditory information etc.

The Department of Pediatric Neurological Rehabilitation at the HELIOS Clinic Hattingen under the direction of Dr. med. Ulf Hustedt provides treatment to the patients of all age groups after neurosurgery, e.g., due to:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Brain or spine tumors
  • Cerebral hemorrhage
  • Pathologies of the central nervous system
  • Strokes, brain injuries due to the disturbed circulation (ischemic stroke)
  • Reduced oxygen supply to the brain (hypoxia)

The range of medical rehabilitation services at primarily covers the following clinical pictures:

  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Cerebral hemorrhages due to aneurysm, subarachnoid hemorrhage
  • Spontaneous hemorrhages due to the high pressure or vascular anomalies (cavernous angioma, arteriovenous fistula, angioma)
  • Benign and malignant tumors of brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves (e.g., metastases, astrocytoma, glioblastoma, meningioma, ependymoma, medulloblastoma)
  • Brain injuries due to the disturbed circulation (ischemic stroke) or reduced oxygen supply to the brain (hypoxia)
  • Spine diseases with the focus on lesions of the spinal cord (traverse myelitis), nerve roots and peripheral neurological complications (herniated discs, spinal stenosis, tumors, hemorrhages, accidents)
  • Pathologies of the brain and spinal cord (hydrocephalus, syringomyelia, meningocele)
  • Injuries of the peripheral nerves

Especially during the treatment of the patients in childhood and adolescents the range of services offered by the Department of Pediatric Neurological Rehabilitation at the HELIOS Clinic Hattingen under the direction of Dr. med. Ulf Hustedt is completed with the following clinical pictures:

  • Congenital or acquired in early childhood neurological disorders or brain injuries
  • Condition after preterm birth
  • Neuromuscular diseases
  • Developmental disorders of different etiologies or unknown origin
  • Epilepsy
  • Inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system
  • Burns

School-age children can receive education in the hospital's own, state recognized school, regardless of the holiday period, individually or in groups. They learn the subjects, which are necessary for the next class. 

Program includes:

  • Primary presentation in the clinic
  • medical history, including family history
  • complex neurological and orthopedic examinations
  • CT / MRI / X-ray examination
  • complex neurophysiological examinations
  • individual rehabilitation program, which includes:
    • Vojta (Vojta therapy)
    • propriozeptive Neuromuskuläre Fazilitation (PNF)
    • transcranial magnetic stimulation (TNS)
    • orofacial stimulation of Castillo Morales
    • functional propriotrening
    • various methods of respiratory gymnastics
    • Wii Fit training in the use of the balance
    • neuropsychological therapy
    • functional therapy of the upper extremities (ArmeoSpring)
    • functional electrical stimulation / neurostimulation
    • kinesitherapy (physiotherapy)
    • biocontrol with feedback
    • healing deep muscle massage
    • neuromuscular  electrostimulation
    • acupuncture of spasticity and pain syndromes
    • occupational therapy
    • psycho-educational classes
    • logopedia 
    • Individual physiotherapy
    • microcurrent treatment
    • fangotherapy / cryotherapy
    • antispasmodic drug therapy (incl. Botox)
    • mobilization of limb joints
    • hydrotherapy / massage therapy / reflexology
    • training on special trainers (Lokomat, exoskeleton)
    • and etc.
  • constant care nurses
  • stay in the hospital with a full board
  • symptomatic and drug therapy
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{"only_for_children":"0","is_ambulant":"0","clinic_icon":"57daa981cf6c8.jpg","city":"Hattingen","clinic_site":"http:\/\/www.helios-kliniken.de\/index.php?id=8616","department_recommend":"0","program_full_story":"<ul>\n\t<li>Primary presentation in the clinic<\/li>\n\t<li>medical history, including family history<\/li>\n\t<li>complex neurological and orthopedic examinations<\/li>\n\t<li>CT \/ MRI \/ X-ray examination<\/li>\n\t<li>complex neurophysiological examinations<\/li>\n\t<li>individual rehabilitation program, which includes:\n\t<ul>\n\t\t<li>Vojta (Vojta therapy)<\/li>\n\t\t<li>propriozeptive Neuromuskul&auml;re Fazilitation (PNF)<\/li>\n\t\t<li>transcranial magnetic stimulation (TNS)<\/li>\n\t\t<li>orofacial stimulation of Castillo Morales<\/li>\n\t\t<li>functional propriotrening<\/li>\n\t\t<li>various methods of respiratory gymnastics<\/li>\n\t\t<li>Wii Fit training in the use of the balance<\/li>\n\t\t<li>neuropsychological therapy<\/li>\n\t\t<li>functional therapy of the upper extremities (ArmeoSpring)<\/li>\n\t\t<li>functional electrical stimulation \/ neurostimulation<\/li>\n\t\t<li>kinesitherapy (physiotherapy)<\/li>\n\t\t<li>biocontrol with feedback<\/li>\n\t\t<li>healing deep muscle massage<\/li>\n\t\t<li>neuromuscular &nbsp;electrostimulation<\/li>\n\t\t<li>acupuncture of spasticity and pain syndromes<\/li>\n\t\t<li>occupational therapy<\/li>\n\t\t<li>psycho-educational classes<\/li>\n\t\t<li>logopedia&nbsp;<\/li>\n\t\t<li>Individual physiotherapy<\/li>\n\t\t<li>microcurrent treatment<\/li>\n\t\t<li>fangotherapy \/ cryotherapy<\/li>\n\t\t<li>antispasmodic drug therapy (incl. Botox)<\/li>\n\t\t<li>mobilization of limb joints<\/li>\n\t\t<li>hydrotherapy \/ massage therapy \/ reflexology<\/li>\n\t\t<li>training on special trainers (Lokomat, exoskeleton)<\/li>\n\t\t<li>and etc.<\/li>\n\t<\/ul>\n\t<\/li>\n\t<li>constant care nurses<\/li>\n\t<li>stay in the hospital with a full board<\/li>\n\t<li>symptomatic and drug therapy<\/li>\n<\/ul>\n","country":"Germany","clinic_name":"Klinik Hattingen","department_id":"1491","type":"rehabilitation","duration":"30","direction":"Pediatric neurological rehabilitation","min_duration":"30","clinic_id":"891","title":"Pediatric neurological rehabilitation","price":{"val":19830,"type":"day","val_per_day":"661.00"},"extra_service_clinic":[{"id":"need_to_use_head_doctor","title":"Treatment by head Physician <i class=\"material-icons info-icon-2\" title=\"The basic program cost includes treatment by department physicians without an option of choosing the expert. This service ensures the services of all leading experts, including the adjacent departments, namely radiology, laboratory, anesthesia and consulting physicians\" data-toggle=\"tooltip\">info_outline<\/i>","type":"val","val":"7300.00","req":0},{"id":"1_person_room","title":" Single room (whole period) <i class=\"material-icons info-icon-2\" title=\"The basic price includes accommodation in a 2-bed room with another patient and three meals daily. Booking this service, the patient will stay in the room alone.\" data-toggle=\"tooltip\">info_outline<\/i>","parent":"duration","type":"count_val","val":"125.00"},{"id":"attendant_place","title":"Accommodation for the accompanying person <i class=\"material-icons info-icon-2\" title=\"Accompanying person will be accommodated in the same ward as the patient. The cost includes three meals daily. This service is subject to booking of a 1-bed room\" data-toggle=\"tooltip\">info_outline<\/i>","parent":"duration","type":"count_val","val":"85.00"}],"extra_service":[],"translation_hours":"0","translation_price":"40","translation_doc_price":"40","transfer_price":"3.00","transfer_price_vip":"5.00","roads":[{"id":"25","distance":"43","airport_title":"Dortmund Airport"},{"id":"4","distance":"56","airport_title":"Duesseldorf"},{"id":"7","distance":"75","airport_title":"Cologne-Bonn"}]}

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