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Department of Internal Medicine (Nephrology) (289993)

Knut Schäfer

Dr. med.

Knut Schäfer

Specialized in: internal medicine, nephrology

About the department

The Department of Nephrology at the Marienhaus Klinikum St. Elisabeth Neuwied is especially focused on the diagnosis and treatment of patients with diseases of the internal organs. The director of the Department is Dr. med. Knut Schäfer. The team of the Department has a unique experience in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney and autoimmune diseases, as well as hypertension. To provide inpatient medical care, there are 30 beds in the Section of Nephrology at the Marienhaus Klinikum St. Elisabeth Neuwied. With 14 beds, the Section of Dialysis provides all modern methods of renal replacement therapy. 

Over time, many known kidney diseases cause a total failure of the renal function, therefore, it is particularly important to detect and treat a renal dysfunction in time. In this view, the Department under the direction of Dr. med. Knut Schäfer offers all diagnostic opportunities: urine and blood tests, as well as special ultrasound examinations allow to make a snap. To obtain a clearer diagnosis, there is often required an ultrasound-guided puncture for tissue sampling (biopsy). The histopathological diagnosis is provided in tight cooperation with the Kidney Registry of the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf (Prof. Dr. med. Wiech). With the clear diagnosis, this allows the Marienhaus Klinikum St. Elisabeth Neuwied to plan and provide the best treatment meeting the latest standards. 

To treat the pronounced renal failure, the Section of Dialysis has 14 beds for dialysis, as well as other options (hemofiltration, hemo- and peritoneal dialysis). The Department under the direction of Dr. med. Knut Schäfer maintains close cooperation with the regional Dialysis Centers. The Marienhaus Klinikum St. Elisabeth Neuwied also uses special methods of plasma exchange and adsorption to treat severe autoimmune diseases. 

The range of services of the Department of Nephrology under the direction of Dr. med. Knut Schäfer includes:

  • Comprehensive diagnosis of kidney diseases by means of the following examinations
    • Urine and urine sediment test
    • Special blood tests
    • Kidney biopsy for histological examination in the Kidney Registry of the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf
    • Special ultrasonic diagnosis of kidney and renal arteries (duplex sonography)
  • Vascular diagnosis before and after the placement of the arteriovenous fistula for hemodialysis
  • Placement of a permanent hemodialysis catheter (in cooperation with Vascular Surgery)
  • Intermittent hemodialysis in both inpatient and outpatient conditions
  • Hemofiltration in the Intensive Care Unit in case of acute renal failure
  • Citrate dialysis (anticoagulation) in case of bleeding disorders
  • Hemodialysis in case of poisoning
  • Plasmapheresis (e.g. in case of acute immunologic systemic diseases)
  • Peritoneal dialysis
  • Diagnosis and treatment of severe hypertension, including forms of endocrine hypertension and renovascular hypertension
  • Diagnosis of autoimmune and rheumatic diseases by means of blood and tissue test, as well as various imaging methods
  • Diagnosis and treatment of chronic wounds in diabetes, arterial circulation disorders, inflammation of blood vessels (in cooperation with Vascular Surgery)
  • Long-term follow-up after kidney transplantation, including inpatient diagnosis and treatment of complications

Department of Internal Medicine (Nephrology).
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