Martha-Maria Hospital Munich

Munich, Germany

Treatment of lung emphysema with endoscopic reduction of lung volume by valve implantation (program ID: 302388)

Andreas Fertl

Head Physician
Dr. med.

Andreas Fertl

Department of Internal Medicine / Pneumology

Specialized in: internal medicine, pulmonology
Curriculum vitae keyboard_arrow_down
  • 1989 - 1996 Study of medicine, Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich.
  • 1995 - 1998 Thesis on Pulmonology, University Hospital of the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich. Doctor rerum naturalium.
  • 1996 - 1997 Bogenhausen Hospital, Munich, Department of Gastroenterology / Hepatology.
  • 1998 Central Hospital of Gauting, Department of Infectology.
  • 1998 - 2000 Ebersberg Clinic, Department of Intensive Care Medicine.
  • 2000 - 2012 Specialized hospital Asklepios. Munich-Gauting, Department of Pulmonology and Intensive Care Medicine.
  • Since 2012, Chief Physician of the Department of Pulmonology, Martha-Maria Hospital.


  • German Society for Pulmonology.
  • German Medical Association.
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The Department of Internal Medicine / Pneumology at the Martha-Maria Hospital is included in the rating of the best departments of Germany for treatment of lung cancer according to the version of Focus magazine in 2017!

The objective of the Department of Internal Medicine / Pneumology (Phthisiopulmonology) at the Martha-Maria Hospital in Munich is to provide a high-class comprehensive treatment for patients with various diseases of the respiratory tract. This is possible due to a close cooperation with the Departments of Thoracic Surgery and Otolaryngology, as well as due to the use of the latest innovative treatments. The Department is headed by Dr. med. Andreas Fertl. 

The department has the latest technology for functional diagnosis, including diagnostic surgical endoscopy with endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP). There is performed removal of gallstones, stent placement, endosonography with puncture, abdominal ultrasound, color duplex sonography, long-term ECG monitoring, blood pressure measurement. The Hospital also has a clinical laboratory. 

An important treatment focus of the department is lung cancer, which is the most common cancer in men (in women it is the third most common cancer). The following treatment focuses of the department are chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which is usually diagnosed in smokers, and pulmonary emphysema. 

Furthermore, the department covers the full range of pneumology. This includes the following:

Benign diseases

  • Chronic inflammatory lung diseases, e.g. asthma and COPD
  • Infectious lung diseases, such as pneumonia, tuberculosis, nontuberculous mycobacteria
  • Fibrosing lung tissue diseases, such as idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and lung lesions in case of various autoimmune diseases
  • Sarcoidosis
  • Pulmonary hypertension
  • Breathing disorders during sleep and hypoventilation syndrome

Malignant diseases

  • Lung cancer, e.g. small-cell and non-small-cell lung cancer as well as other endobronchial tumors 
  • Mediastinal tumors, such as thymoma
  • Malignant diseases of the costal pleura, e.g. pleural mesothelioma
  • Lung metastases from other tumors

The diagnostic and therapeutic spectrum includes among others:

  • Cardiopulmonary functional diagnosis
  • Interventional bronchoscopy
  • Reduced lung volume in patients with COPD
  • Bronchial thermoplasty
  • Drainage of the pleural cavity
  • Home lung ventilation
  • Right heart catheterization 

Program includes:

  • Initial presentation in the clinic
  • clinical history taking
  • review of medical records
  • physical examination
  • laboratory tests:
    • complete blood count
    • biochemical analysis of blood
    • inflammation indicators (CRP, ESR)
    • indicators blood coagulation
    • TSH-basal
  • x-ray and bronchography
  • electrocardiogram (ECG)
  • high-resolution computed tomography (HR-CT)
  • preoperative care
  • endoscopic valve implantation
  • symptomatic treatment
  • control examinations
  • the cost of essential medicines and materials
  • nursing services
  • full hospital accommodation
  • explanation of future recommendations
Type of program :
Expected duration of the program:

The program includes:

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{"translation_price":"50","translation_doc_price":"40","child_coefficient":"1.1","transfer_price":"2.00","transfer_price_vip":"5.00","constant_transfer_price_vip":350,"constant_transfer_price":150,"constant_transfer_distanse":60,"type":"treatment","program_full_story":"<ul>\n\t<li>Initial presentation in the clinic<\/li>\n\t<li>clinical history taking<\/li>\n\t<li>review of medical records<\/li>\n\t<li>physical examination<\/li>\n\t<li>laboratory tests:\n\t<ul>\n\t\t<li>complete blood count<\/li>\n\t\t<li>biochemical analysis of blood<\/li>\n\t\t<li>inflammation indicators (CRP, ESR)<\/li>\n\t\t<li>indicators blood coagulation<\/li>\n\t\t<li>TSH-basal<\/li>\n\t<\/ul>\n\t<\/li>\n\t<li>x-ray and bronchography<\/li>\n\t<li>electrocardiogram (ECG)<\/li>\n\t<li>high-resolution computed tomography (HR-CT)<\/li>\n\t<li>preoperative care<\/li>\n\t<li>endoscopic&nbsp;valve implantation<\/li>\n\t<li>symptomatic treatment<\/li>\n\t<li>control examinations<\/li>\n\t<li>the cost of essential medicines and materials<\/li>\n\t<li>nursing services<\/li>\n\t<li>full hospital accommodation<\/li>\n\t<li>explanation of future recommendations<\/li>\n<\/ul>\n","is_ambulant":"0","bh_fee":"0","only_for_children":"0","no_service":"0","btn_type":"2","clinic_icon":"5878c6b75040b.jpg","city":"Munich","clinic_site":"https:\/\/\/startseite.php","department_recommend":"0","country":"Germany","country_id":"1","clinic_name":"Martha-Maria Hospital Munich","cinic_name":"Martha-Maria Hospital Munich","department_id":"1684","duration":"14","direction":"Pulmonology","min_duration":0,"clinic_id":"1269","paketPrice":4500,"paket":"<ul>\n\t<li>Interpreter up to 15 hours<\/li> \n\t<li>Translation of medical documents up to 10 pages<\/li> \n\t<li>Visa support<\/li> \n\t\n\t<li>Insurance against increased costs in case of complications with a cover of 200,000 \u20ac<\/li>\n<\/ul>\n","title":"Treatment of lung emphysema with endoscopic reduction of lung volume by valve implantation","price":{"val":13103,"type":"val"},"price_surcharge":0,"extra_service_clinic":[{"id":"need_to_use_head_doctor","title":"Treatment by leading experts <i class=\"material-icons info-icon-2\" title=\"The basic program cost includes treatment by department physicians without an option of choosing the expert. This service ensures the services of all leading experts, including the adjacent departments, namely radiology, laboratory, anesthesia and consulting physicians\" data-toggle=\"tooltip\">info_outline<\/i>","type":"val","val":"4508.46","req":0},{"id":"vip_person_room","title":"VIP room (whole period)","parent":"duration","type":"count_val","val":"90.00"},{"id":"1_person_room","title":" Single room (whole period) <i class=\"material-icons info-icon-2\" title=\"The basic price includes accommodation in a 2-bed room with another patient and three meals daily. Booking this service, the patient will stay in the room alone.\" data-toggle=\"tooltip\">info_outline<\/i>","parent":"duration","type":"count_val","val":"130.00"},{"id":"2_person_room","title":" double room (whole period)","parent":"duration","type":"count_val","val":"90.00"},{"id":"attendant_place","title":"Accommodation for the accompanying person ","parent":"duration","type":"count_val","val":"90.00"}],"extra_service":[],"translation_hours":"0","translation_doc_count":null,"roads":[{"id":"2","distance":"48","airport_title":"Munich"},{"id":"27","distance":"189","airport_title":"N\u00fcrnberg"},{"id":"19","distance":"217","airport_title":"Stuttgart"}],"pakets":[]}

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